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You may be aware of and apply all the methods that will attract more visitors. But being a brand and trusting is a key point for you to turn your travels into sales. Here are the Webtures' privileges.


BKM KİTAP - 102% Traffic Increase Rate

As a result of SEO works, we have reached a 202% traffic increase rate, increasing the organic traffic, which was 100.263 on February 28, 2017 to 202.664 as of March 31, 2018.

İnci Akü

İnci Akü - 222% Organic Growth in 12 Months

As a result of our SEO works, we have reached a 222% traffic increase rate, increasing the organic traffic which was 12.858 on December 20, 2016 to 41.385 as of November 30, 2017.


Tchibo - SEO Non-Brand Organic Sales Increased by 124%

Such an SEO work into Tchibo was first implemented by Webtures in the world. As a result of the SEO work done; 122% increase in number of visitors, 108% increase in orders and 124% increase in SEO non-brand turnover. Let's examine this SEO technique that is applied for the first time in the world.


Gaming Products - 428 Keyword Success with SEO and UX Together

With ITOPIA, two of our main objectives were to create a roadmap to increase visibility on the organic side and transform into the most trendy IT e-commerce platform to please users. Within 5 months we have realized organic traffic growth of up to 1750% with our SEO and UX work plans.


Valstur - In 26 Sectoral Words, We Jumped to the First Page

With Valstur we achieved the first page success in 6 months in the most competitive 26 words of the tourism sector.


Otsimo - SEO Visibility Increased by 8 Times With Long Tail Strategy

After 9 months of SEO work, we have increased the SEO visibility by 8 times. As a result of our SEO work, we have increased the organic traffic from 2.636 on July 1, 2017 to 21.810 as of March 30,2018.


Ekol Logistics - It Has Been the Giant of Digital World, too

Ekol Logistics has experienced hundreds of algorithm updates in 4 years long period. Moreover, changing working styles and ever-increasing competition did not affect Ekol Logistics and succeeded in raising its ranking. After each algorithm update, Ekol logistics peaked. SEO leader in all "transportation" and derivative words.


Akşam - 3 Months Organic Traffic 4.65x Growth

As a result of the SEO study conducted with Akşam newspaper, in just 3 months, organic traffic was 4.65 times and the number of visitors was 2.89 times.


Mother Baby Products - 6 Times Increase in Only 2 Months

With Anne Dükkan, we made up to 6 kata in organic traffic by performing SEO works as short as 2 months.


Sateen - Success in 2 Months with Link Detox

We performed disavow operations with Sateen by detecting more than 500 domains in our SEO works. Only after this transaction were the site's SEO visibility and organic traffic increased.


Esmedya - We strengthened the 13 Media Companies

Esmedya entrusted 13 projects under the roof of Esmedya to Webtures thanks to the successes achieved with the SEO works done with Akşam newspaper.


Papara - Building a Strong Building with Onpage SEO

The Papara 5 Month SEO study resulted in a 4.5 fold increase in organic traffic. The major reasons for this increase were the onpage-side analysis, which optimizes more than 70 SEO criteria to ensure that the site is delivered to a healthy structure.

Yıldız Furniture

Yıldız Furniture - A Total of 185% Organic Traffic Increase in 3 Years

With Yıldız Furniture, whom we started to work with in 2014, we have increased the organic traffic by 185% in total in 3 years.


Asmed - Global Content and Micro Site Link Construction

Thanks to the micro-sites created for Asmed, organic traffic grew by 154% in global searches. Such as hair transplant, was carried over to the first page.

Rol İstanbul Agency

Rol İstanbul Agency – 30 Keywords on the First Page in 4 Months

How did Rol İstanbul Agency increased its organic traffic by 23 times and reached first page in all of 30 keywords within the short period of 4 months of working with Webtures?


Nemoda - 324% Growth in 4 Months with Blog Support

What strategies did Nemoda use to increase organic traffic with Webtures by 324%?


Kiğılı - The Most Endorsed Store is Catched in 3 Months

How did Kiğılı, completely changed the design, software and domain, get through the top selling store in such 3 months as turnover with Webtures?


Porsiyon - 143% Growth in 6 Months with a Complex Study

How did the recipe site, Porsiyon.com, increase its organic traffic with Webtures by 143% in 6 months?


Uyumsoft - Organic Traffic Increase, Organic Ranking Increase

How did Uyumsoft achieve 163% organic traffic increase and 819% SEO visibility growth in the first year?

İntegral Forex

İntegral Forex - Organic Traffic Growth

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Growing Success Together!

Growing Success Together!

We are proud to have achieved many beautiful and unforgettable success stories together with various companies. Let us create new stories and achieve success together!

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