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It is a hair transplantation hospital located in Turkey and providing service only abroad. Asmed even does not have a Turkish website. Its website only applies to the global searches on Google. In SEO operations, We divide search engine optimization into two processes: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO consists of technical parts such as software, contents and user experience while off-page SEO means that other sites give links by showing your site as a reference. It can be said that these links are directed to your site from platforms such as forums, blogs and social media.

Traffic by Countries

Ülkelere Göre Trafik

We publish contents including the most searched 100 long tail words by creating a blog into the website.

  • We make an opponent by creating 3 different micro sites.
  • After developing these 3 blogs with contents, we built natural links to Asmed.
  • Top quality links in terms of off-page SEO operations are the ones that you get from websites related to your sector.

Increase Report in Organic Traffic

Organik Trafik Artış Raporu

The graph above shows the data when we started SEO operation and the data after one year.

Ülkelere Göre Trafik

12 months of SEO operation has increased the organic traffic by 154%.

Ranking of the Organic Keywords

Organik Anahtar Kelimelerin Sıralamaları