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How did Kiğılı, completely changed the design, software and domain, get through the top selling store in such 3 months as turnover with Webtures?

The fundamental motto of Kiğılı is: Every product of ours you buy has retained its values it has been carrying since 1938, and is manufactured with the latest technology and the highest quality workmanship to be able to compete in global markets. Each collection of Kiğılı is a journey taken into the heart of fashion by our team which grows, develops and improves its competencies with each passing day. As Kiğılı, our aim is to achieve the position we deserve in world's fashion centres and become one of the top ten global brands which come to mind when it is about men's fashion. Aiming to become a globally known brand, Kiğılı has stated a long-term campaign process for cooperation in digital marketing channels with Webtures, the best SEO Agency of Turkey.

We achieved increase much more than expected in all works which are targeted in a short period of 5 months in this campaign that was prepared in accordance with the latest algorithm updates in search engines. According to the information obtained by Webtures team:

  • Kiğılı website was rendered compatible with search engines by performing analyses over approximately 100 SEO criteria. Since men's fashion sector would be one of the sectors with very high competition, we knew competitors would also develop brand strategies, and we started 1 step ahead all the time by analysing them in depth and detecting what type of SEO work would be carried out.
  • After making required social media optimizations, we analysed in detail the websites in the Sector as well as the website of Kiğılı, performed long researches on which words we could get more productivity, determined 50 words through joint decision and detected their search volumes and return rates, and approved our keywords. Works were started over the keywords which were determined through joint decision by Webtures and Kiğılı.

In accordance with SEO strategy, we stop working on words which are brought to the first page, and continue bringing different word groups to the first page continuously by keeping on with new words instead. Thus, the population Kiğılı addresses towards its search volume in fashion sector constantly increases. Number of returns from search engines will continue to increase in this way.

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