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Such an SEO work into Tchibo was first implemented by Webtures in the world. As a result of the SEO work done; 122% increase in number of visitors, 108% increase in orders and 124% increase in SEO non-brand turnover. Let's examine this SEO technique that is applied for the first time in the world.

Apart from its fixed products such as coffee and coffee machine, Tchibo is an e-commerce site which can make sale with special themes in weekly or biweekly periods. There is a SEO characteristic known to everyone, which is the fact that works have an impact within 2.5 - 3 months in average. Since SEO is a work to provide natural popularity and digital awareness, its impact is observed within minimum 2.5 - 3 months depending on competition. Thus, it sounds impossible to perform SEO work on products which will be on the market for 1 or 2 weeks with organic customer increase. However, as Webstures, we also found also a solution for this situation and managed to increase SEO (seo non-brand) revenue of Tchino obtained from non-brand searches by 2.24 times within 1 year (a few million TL, figures are not stated due to confidentiality agreement). We indeed achieved success in many products with fixed sales like coffee, drip coffee and coffee machine, but without doubt, we planned SEO works which will reach the top in weekly and biweekly periods in a structure applied for the first time not only in Turkey, but also in the world.

  • Number of Visitors Increase by 224%
  • Number of Order Increase by 208%
  • SEO non-brand Turnover Increase by 224%

So, how did the weekly SEO process proceed?

We started works 2 months in advance for each theme to be published according to the 1 year plan coming from Germany; lots of criteria such as Seo structuring and URL structure were made ready in advance. Infrastructure works were planned related to links which were to be provided over forums, social media, blogs, portals and news sites in relation with the theme to be published 2 months later. We brought the theme to top ranks in a few days by starting simultaneous operation of in-site and out-site SEO works once it was published. This way, we started achieving organic visit flow from all key works related to the theme, and organic sourced sales success. Such type of work has an important place for us who serve with years of SEO experience and with the largest expert team; and the fact that it has been applied by us for the first time in the world is our biggest source of pride.

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