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You may be aware of and implement all the ways to get more conversions. But it is a key point to get more conversions/revenue at the same cost or reach the same turnover/budget on a smaller budget. That's when Webtures privilege comes into effect.


Yargı Publishing

Yargı Yayınevi - %47 Cost Reduced

Thanks to the SEM we have performed with the Yargı Yayınevi, we cut the advertising costs by half. Click here for details.

BKM Books

BKM Book 775% Increase In Revenue Per Month Using the same Budget

As a result of the AdWords work carried out with BKM Book, we received 775% revenue per month and 527% increase in transaction volume with the same advertising budget. Let's see what kind of strategy we follow.

Fonex Cosmetics

Fonex Cosmetics - Shopping Campaign Optimization with 130% Transaction increase

As a result of the SEM conducted with Fonex Cosmetics, we obtained 193% revenue in 1 month, 233% transaction and 130% conversion rate increase. Would you like to examine the details of how we capture this positive graph?

Yazlık Villada Tatil

Yazlık Villada Tatil - 3x Increase in Reservations with Conversion Optimization

We have increased the number of reservations of "Yazlık Villada Tatil" to 3 times with the same AdWords budget! Click here to review the details.

İstanbul Allergy

İstanbul Alerji – The Appointment number increased to 30 daily!

The number of daily appointments for İstanbul Alerji increased to 30. Click here for details.


Evimemoda – With the Digital advertising Investment the Turnover Increased 3x!

We increased the total turnover of Evimemoda 3x. Click here for details.

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To New Accomplishments!

We are proud to have achieved many beautiful and unforgettable success stories together with many companies. Let's create new success stories with you too.

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