Home AdWords Achievements EVIMEMODA


Through SEM works with Evimemoda, an e-commerce site with product sales in the home textile products category , we got a 3-fold increase in total turnover.

How did we achieve that?

Evimemoda.com, a company that created by Varol Textile with the purpose of carrying their products to online, had not previously performed a digital advertising work. We aimed for people who are related to the home textile by activating display advertising network campaigns to create digital awareness for this site with no other sales channels than other recognition activities and loyal customer group that comes with organic traffic. In addition, we attracted relevant visitors to our site who are also indirectly influential in organic traffic, and then we tried directing them to purchase by re-targeting them with re-marketing campaigns. In addition to these, we have succeeded in increasing our sales performance by creating shopping and search campaigns based on categories and products with high-profit rates.

Through all these works and other technical optimizations and analyses, we have observed a 3-fold solid turnover increase when we compare Evimemoda's 6-month data before the advertisements with its 6-month data after the advertisements.

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