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Yargı Publishing, one of the first publishing firms that come to mind when you say exam preparation, lowered their AdWords advertising budget thanks to our optimizations while no decrease has occurred in their financial turnover. We want to highlight that the advertising budget spent here is in a volume which numerically fulfills the market share.

How did we achieve that?

  • When we took over the Adwords account, we have constructed campaign trees and advertisement groups in a way that it will increase the quality rating to start with.
  • We created new advertising copies aimed at increasing our clickthrough rate. We regularly tracked their performances and discovered copies with the most conversion and conversion rate.
  • We carried out revisions and additions by reviewing keyword lists and matching types.
  • We conducted negative studies on the search term report, found new potential keywords and added them to our relevant campaigns.
  • Considering breakdowns based on conversion numbers, conversions cost, and conversion rate, we made some special offerings based on campaign and keywords.
  • We discovered products / keywords that bring in the most sales and have high-profit margins and made exclusive offerings towards them, while at the same time revising offerings on products / keywords with high conversion costs and low conversion rates.
  • We have created special breakdowns in fields such as device, time, demography, location in order to separate breakdowns with high and low conversion values. And we have created and offered campaign setups exclusive to these breakdowns.
  • We have created banner sets exclusive to brands with price advantages in order to transmit to the right target audience, provide traffic with preferable costs and support total sales of these brands.
  • While separating users who visited our site into different breakdowns based on conversion, we revised our campaigns and customized their offers.
  • We conducted an in-depth analysis of Google Analytics data, evaluated all the data among them that would contribute to our advertisements and applied them to our campaigns.

With all these optimizations and other technical studies, we reached the same turnover and total processes at the end of a month , while spending a budget 47% less than before.

One must not forget that anyone can use the Adwords panel and spend a budget. What matters here is to be able to get your budget's worth and maximize that worth. The fact that you are satisfied with your advertisements right now, does not mean that you can't obtain more efficiency with this budget or reach the same numbers with a smaller budget.

While the Adwords panel seems like a field which can be installed and managed by just about anyone from the outside, it actually involves very subtle details and requires sufficient experience. Otherwise, there can be results that are extremely below the potential effects that can actually be obtained with the spent budget.

Are you ready to rise?