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With AdWords you can reach your potential customers and increase your sales by running your brand's ad on the Google search engine and on the Google advertising network. Google AdWords ads are one of the most efficient and most comprehensive performance marketing channels.


Search Ads

Search ads are text advertisements that appear as a result of searches on Google. In fact, they are the top 4 entries above the organic results. This is an important advertising model for reaching potential customers when needed —when the relevant keyword is searched.

Display Advertisements (GDN)

The Google Display Network is an advertising model for connecting potential customers with visual ads; through more than a billion websites, videos, and applications. Static or dynamic display advertisements which can be prepared in various sizes; enable targeting with various combinations based on personal interests and demographic information or site content. For example, women interested in baby products or sites with content related to baby products.

Shopping Advertisements (XML Ads)

Google Shopping Advertisements is an advertisement form that allows adding features, images, prices, and promotions of your products as a feed without creating an advertisement for products on your site one by one, and shows them by interchanging them on advertisements dynamically. It is a highly efficient campaign model for e-commerce sites. In order to use these ads, you need to create Google-compliant XML and upload it to the Merchant Center.

Remarketing Advertisements

This is an advertising model that enables you to reach the visitors to your site through re-calling or display advertisement network. Dynamic remarketing advertisements are especially effective on e-commerce sites.

Video Advertisements (Youtube Advertisements)

Video campaigns enable you to publish video advertisements separately on YouTube and Google Display Network or other video broadcasting contents. Youtube (Video) advertisements are one of the advertising models you can use especially for your campaigns aimed at increasing your brand awareness or other periodically organized campaigns.
It charges per view. Viewers are able to skip the advertisement after 5 seconds. You will not be charged if viewers skip your advertisement in less than 30 seconds or before it ends.

Universal Application Advertisements (Application Download)

Universal application campaigns bring in downloads by promoting your Android or iOS applications on Google's most significant properties including Search Network, Play, YouTube and Google Display Network.

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