Hasan Yüksektep 24 December 2016


Webtures SEO Agency is Now Global!

Webtures, the leader SEO agency, has been providing service for its brands for many years. As it has been taking the brands to the top, it has also kept on growing and now Webtures is in the global arena!

Starting in 2009, Webtures still has the excitement of the first day and it continues to achieve numerous projects. Webtures started as a well-grounded digital marketing enterprise. Webtures, the pioneer of SEO sector, has been serving to the leading brands of the country since its foundation in 2009.  Meanwhile, it has also started to take steps for achieving its goals to be a global brand.

After studying SEO for many years, one of the most important areas of digital marketing, Kaan Gülten has published two books to explain the significance of search engine optimization for the brands. Webtures continues to go up rapidly by providing service to many local and foreign brands with its SEO-centered digital marketing campaigns. In order to be a neighbour of Google, the most powerful search engine, Webtures has set up an office in Dublin, Ireland, which helps its globalization process.

Webtures has always been the leading agency supporting the sector with its books, periodicals and conferences. Within the scope of strategies to increase digital marketing activities, the growth of Webtures has risen over the years. Thanks to its various digital marketing strategies, it helped hundreds of brands such as Pierre Cardin, Tchibo, Sabancı Holding, U.S. Polo Assn., Kiğılı, Migros. Webtures will keep on growing with its title of the first SEO agency having an office in Europe.



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