Hasan Yüksektep 17 December 2016

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How Can You Build Up Your Brand Image on Twitter?

Twitter is a highly used platform where a serious number of sharing is made. You can advertise your brand using this platform. Moreover, Twitter offers great convenience to its users in increasing interactivity with its services and tools. You can interact on Twitter by logging in and share posts about your brand. However, it will not be enough. Then what should you do to improve your brand’s prestige?

Choose Your Username Correctly

Your username should reflect your brand’s goals and objectives. You should prefer the right username because your account will not be personal and you will represent a brand.  Besides, you should never change this username. This would be a sign of unreliability for the customers.

Pay Attention to Content Sharing

You should be careful about creating contents that match with your brand’s goals, objectives and mission. Then, you can share them on Twitter.

Be Careful About Account Activity

The posts that you share or retweet on this platform will be seen by the users. You should be really careful about not interacting with the posts including political contents. Likes or retweets of irrelevant contents can also cause a decline in the number of followers.

Share Your Content Periodically

You should share your content at specific hours of the day. Analyzing your followers’ profiles, you can share your posts when they are mostly online. On the other hand, sharing one after the other in a short time period can bore your followers. If you share at regular intervals, it will allow the users to remember your brand. You should make a post about the special days such as Valentine’s day, Christmas or national holidays. In this way, your followers will feel closer to your brand sentimentally.

Choose Your Images Carefully

You should choose the profile picture or cover photo considering the representation of your brand. Do not neglect to share amusing and aesthetic posts. You can draw attention colouring up the profile with images.

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