Murat Yüksektepe 7 January 2017


Your Brand Will Reach the Peak with Webtures’ SEO Service

No matter how strong your brand image and consumer network, it will be hard to develop a company without keeping up with today’s technology. Especially when your competitors are proceeding day by day, it is highly important that you adopt an innovative approach to be one step ahead.

There is a great number of people doing everything from reading daily news to shopping through their computers or smart phones. That is why we can assume that people are trying to reach quickly and practically the source they need. Even the most loyal customers of your brand will want to see and experience your product or service firstly on your website.

At this point, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play! This strategy is the virtual form of marketing activities. It is like distributing brochures or giving billboard ads to improve brand recognition. Keyword optimization provides the opportunity of reaching the target audience with a lower budget. It moves your website to the upper rankings on the search engines by using sectoral words. Hence the number of your visitors and customers can increase.  For example, let’s say that you have a brand making watches. You can draw the potential customers’ attention by being at the top on the search for “watch, watch brands, watch models.”

One of the greatest advantages of search engine optimization is that it receives feedback quickly. That is because it enables the brand to reach to the target audience directly.  The other important advantage is that it makes the investment for your brand marketing be more profitable with SEO operations. When the potential customers, who do not have a clue about your brand or who have other options before you, search some words for the “x” product, they will see your brand and thus you will improve your brand recognition. Futhermore, thanks to SEO, you will see that your spending for advertisement on the search engines will decrease.

SEO operations are made according to the search engines that work depending on algorithmic rankings. For that reason, it will be better for your brand if you work with experts in this field. Webtures, one of the leader SEO agencies with its digital marketing strategies, provides service to many widely known brands such as Tchibo, Migros, Kiğılı, Tekno-SA.

Webtures also has many other references. It boosts brand value by performing the processes of search engine optimization: analysis, support, operation and reporting. Webtures Agency works for improving brand reputation with its services towards social media, business development and reputation management.

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