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Our Recruitment Process

4 steps to achieve your dream career

Recruitment Tasks

We want to know how you think about the type of problems that you will work on when you join Webtures and how you solve them.


Let's talk about your experience, abilities and some problems' solutions. We can meet remotely or in the office.

Chat with the Leader

Have a quick chat with one of our team leaders to get to know each other better before we start working together.

Welcome Aboard

That’s all! You can join us now and you can start a wonderful adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webtures?

The primary objective of Webtures is to measure the usability of a medium/site, improve visitor behavior by examining it, and to maximize conversions of the target audience. In addition to these, it also undertakes the tasks such as eliminating deficiencies in digital marketing, increasing the availability on search engines and providing user interaction.

Webtures Career

At Webtures we are ambitious enough to push the limits of the digital world. Our expansion in the digital world and in mobile projects has led to the creation of exciting business positions open to everyone. Why Webtures? First, among other factors, we are assertive about working in a fun environment, working as we sip our excellent coffee, organizing daily foosball, playstation tournaments and weekly and monthly entertainment programs, social activities such as birthday activities. In addition, it is very important for us to keep learning, all of our employees who are experts in their fields and everyone will always learn new things from each other. What if you want to leave your mark on the digital world? Join us!

Webtures Payrolls

Salaries are paid between the 1st and 5th of each month. If the payday happens to fall on weekend, salaries are paid on Fridays without waiting Monday to come. Increments are done within a year. However, with a change in performance increment may be provided during the year.

Webtures Internship

Webtures selects its interns through internship camps. In a full-day camp, presentations on company's work system and objectives are being delivered by Webtures experts, followed by recruitment process where intern candidates prove their skills.

Webtures discovers talents wishing to pursue a career in SEO in this camp, which is created to grow the team in a way that is open to learning, innovative, and pushing the boundaries.

You may have the opportunity to show how well suited you are for the skills an SEO specialist should have, such as speed, analytical thinking, problem solving and strategy development.

Webtures Job Application Interview Questions

Webtures/career interview questions;

1. There is a 20% discount on a product, how much percent must the seller increase its price to sell the product with its initial price?

2. "Arabada anahtarımı unuttum ve ev de uzakta olduğu için yaya kaldım. Bu durumda otobüsü kullanmak zorunda kaldım." Is the use of the -de and -da affixes in the sentence correct?

3. Have you ever seen a sentence where the words "maybe" and "certainly" are used together?

In addition to these questions, job applicants also asked technical questions according to the position they apply for.

Webtures Working Hours

Weekday working hours: 09:00-18:30 Lunch Break: 12:30-13.30

Can you inform us about the company?

With its brand originates from the words "Web ventures" , it is an agency that is specialized in all the branches of digital marketing, nottably SEO, plans, implements and measures the ways to become a global digital brand and works as a team since 2011.

Who can participate in our recruitment process?

Having the skills in the job description means learning constantly, improving yourself, searching for answers, researching the topic you are working on, loving new technologies and that you are ready to join us.

Do I have to work full time?

The maximum time you spend for Webtures is 45 hours per week.

How about doing overtime?

There is no obligation to do overtime. Everyone plans their tasks and manage their time. If they need they do overtime.

Are there any training opportunities? Is my participation in trainings supported?

All in-house and external trainings are being supported. You can also attend in-house business development trainings scheduled on certain days of the week.

What prioritizes qualities you are looking for in your candidates?

We give priority to people who are team-workers, responsible, who aim to rise in their career, have an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive mindset.

Are you ready to rise?