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AdWords offers a dynamic remarketing model. But there are parts in which it lacks design, targeting, and advertising network. There are special dynamic remarketing systems built to serve this purpose and to provide better conversion rates for advertisers. For example, Criteo. The advertising network and advertising models of such special systems have been further expanded and developed. That's why conversion rates can be higher. It is a very effective advertising channel for e-commerce sites.
What Can You Do With Customized Dynamic Remarketing Ads?
  • With Retargeting technology, visitors visiting your website who do not make purchases can view dynamic banners and the recommended products can be displayed on the same dynamic banner. In addition to these displayed products, the system can display products that your users have not seen on your website thanks to the recommendation feature and turn them into sales. 50% of the sales come from products that users have never seen.
  • You can find the same user on mobile or desktop and show relevant dynamic banners.
  • Banner design is provided free of charge by the system, you do not have to deal with any design.
  • It is enough to add the necessary codes to the site for the operation of these special remarketing systems.

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