Hasan Yüksektep 21 July 2016

Digital Marketing

Instagram campaigns and how to prepare For Competitions?

Instagram, which is e-commerce in the field of social media, is one of the areas most frequently used. Instagram has more than 300 million monthly active users who can be accessed. Brands and consumer interaction is an area ideal for product launches. By using this channel it is possible to improve. To maintain the interactive relationship between the brand and its followers, from time to time you should arrange for campaigns and competitions. You will raise the perception of the brand and thus attract the attention of the user. A quick social media campaign and organizing prize competitions is the way for interaction. How should you arrange competitions on Instagram and how to get users?

Concept Competitions

Here you can organize competitions with various concepts and creative ideas that will draw people’s interest heavily. With the concept of strategy by identifying your plan, you can retain a private competition. For example, if you want to promote a clothing brand for people who love vacation and travel themed shirts on the Aegean coast, you can ask a question to your followers. Have them answer a question first on themed shirts, and then you can send these people a shirt as a gift.

Acclaim Contests

Liking and sharing the content you are sharing is the fastest way for organizing competitions. This method which is very easy to increase user interaction with your brand, will spread rapidly published visual material.

Visual Sharing Contests

The content you share can spread in an instant thanks to a photo-sharing contest. Shared with a custom hashtag for your brand, followers can rapidly provide circulation of the material. For example, you may want to share the photos they have taken when users are using your product. You can reward users for the most creative photos. Creating a special hashtag for your campaign slogan will be remembered and that will make it be more memorable and visual.

Comment Contests

You may want to make your brand’s users comment on your material. You can increase your organic traffic by asking them to tag friends in the comments. You can send gifts to the users who do the most striking and different mini-reviews. Send out questions about your brand and products to users who are strict followers. Your follower count will increase because of the interaction.

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  1. I think the campaigns you’re talking about are releated what kind of mood people are in social media. Social media, especially instagram is a tool that provides conversion in only specific sectors in my country. People follow only those who follow themselves rather than following the accounts they are really interested in. This leads to confusion. In short, we do not get conversion in our instagram campaigns except in certain sectors.


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