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Keyword Research

It all starts with typing a few words into the search bar. The most searched phrases by the user are the keywords where everyone is searching for the best answer for their query. But why?

What are the uses of these popular words and how can they be found? How to Do Keyword Research? In this article, we will delve into the world of keywords and answer all these questions.


What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that internet users enter in search engines to find various information. They are the keywords that direct users to the search engine results page and ultimately to your website.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research means checking the volume of searches for each word or phrase on Google. This research helps you have an insight about what users are looking for in areas related to your business. You can even find out which of these keywords is more important to them.

Which keywords are more important and valuable to your business? How many people are interested in your business and looking for your products and services? You can even check if the number of searches is increasing (or how much your market is growing).

Keyword Research on Webtures App

The goal of SEO is to increase the amount of quality traffic to your website to generate more sales, leads, and value. In order for this to happen and for your website to be shown to the right audience, you need to identify the keywords to attract users. Keyword research is the foundation of SEO.

Keyword research can be difficult. Many marketers don't even know where to start. Some marketers choose keywords that are very competitive (which will never lead to traffic), while others choose keywords in a very narrow niche (few people are looking for them).

We overcame this challenge by creating an easy-to-use Keyword Research Tool at Webtures App, where we combine a step-by-step keyword research process along with a dedicated SEO coach to provide you with tailored advice.

How to Use Our Keyword Research Tool in Webtures App?

  • Enter a keyword from your brainstorming list
  • Get accurate and fast data including estimated monthly search volume and competition
  • Add valuable new keywords to your list
  • Check out the keyword suggestions for more ideas
  • Repeat the process

Keyword Research Tools

Discover Great Keywords

  • Estimate your monthly search volume.
  • Filter data by country, state or city to localize your findings.
  • Save keywords to your list to start tracking rankings.
  • Evaluate the level of competition for each phrase.

Are Keywords Predictable?

Yes they can be; however, your guess may not be the most appropriate and valuable word. Therefore, it is recommended not to take risks and act more confidently. Using the right keywords can help your website get the best results on Google. Conversely, not doing so can cause your website to lower rankings. For this reason, it is extremely important to do keyword research carefully in SEO.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is one of the most important and profitable activities in search engine marketing. This research is done not only to attract visitors to a website but also to attract visitors who find your website content useful and search for your exact content or product.

In fact, you will not only know which keywords will improve your website's SEO, but you will also get to know your customer base better. In general, you can predict the demand changes in the market environment by researching keywords. Respond appropriately to these changes and produce the products, services, and content people are looking for.

How to Do Keyword Research?

If you do not research the keywords correctly, you will not be able to choose the right words. This research consists of several steps, which are detailed below:

Use Keyword Finder Tools

The most important question here is where to get the keywords. In order to achieve this goal in the internet world, there are many tools that provide users with the trend of these keywords, as well as the desired keyword search volume. Some are for free, some are paid.

Prepare a keyword list for your website using one or more of the tools below. Then, select a few keywords by sifting through your business type and user searches.

Keyword Finder Tools

Free keyword research tools

There are many free tools for keyword research and we have listed the most popular ones below for you:

Keyword Planner

One of the greatest tools for searching and researching keywords is Google Keyword Planner, which is very easy to use. The only requirement to use this tool is to have a Google Ads account and an active project in it.

Note that this tool is Google's own tool and will be a great guide for you.


Another keyword research tool is the KWFinder tool. Like Keyword Planner, this tool shows you the average monthly keyword search, keyword trend, keyword difficulty, and related keywords. This tool shows you a limited number of keywords every day for free. Therefore, its paid version is much better in terms of proficiency.

Google Search

It can be said that one of the most important and useful ways to do keyword research is to use the Google search box.


SEMrush is a comprehensive tool that provides a variety of useful information (from relevant keywords and search trends to websites with the highest keyword rankings) for keyword research and selection. SEMrush is not for free to use, but you can use the trial version for a limited time.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is a keyword research tool that helps you find useful keywords and organize your keywords into a list. Start by thinking about what your potential customers are looking for!

SEO Webtures Tool

Our complete SEO toolkit provides a simple yet powerful solution for everyday users who can invest an hour or two per week to keep their website growing. Whether site owners are motivated by page views, lead generation, or revenue growth, our SEO software provides a toolkit that makes customers' lives easier.

Through Which Keywords Your Competitors Rank?

Competitors' keywords

Studying which keywords your competitors are getting traffic is the best way to research keywords.

But first you need to define your competitors. This step is where the keyword list you created in the previous step is most useful. Do a Google search for one of the keywords you specify and see which websites rank on the first page for that keyword.

In the research process, you should try to use your judgment and decision-making power in determining your competitors. For example, if big businesses like Amazon rank high on your keyword, you don't necessarily have to view them as your competitors. You should always base your website on websites that receive similar traffic to your website or whose ranking you want to reach.

Once you've identified a few websites, use the analytics tools to find out the competitors' most visited pages and the amount of traffic they're getting.

The Review and Analysis of Keywords

Search Volume

Search volume shows how many times a month, on average, a particular keyword is searched by internet users.

This number shows the number of times the keyword was searched, not the number of people searched. Note that this number is an average monthly number. With the help of this metric, you can identify keywords with very high and low search volume.

Keyword Difficulty

SEO experts often manually assess the difficulty of ranking high on a keyword by reviewing the best websites in its field. For this measurement; Many factors need to be considered, including the number and quality of backlinks, domain validity (DA), the relevance of content, use of keywords, search intent, and branding.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The CPC metric, or cost-per-click, shows how much your competitors are willing to pay for each click on a keyword's results. The thing to keep in mind is that CPC is an instant measure and can change every hour, as opposed to monthly search volume, which doesn't change over a year.

Analysis of Keywords

Keywords targeting

Targeting Keywords

For each keyword in your list, you should be able to create the right page and content targeting that keyword. If you want to have an e-commerce site, you need to determine which keywords to target in your blog posts and which ones to target on your product pages. Remember that it is very important to pay attention to the user's intentions along with the SEO of the site.

How to Prioritize Keywords?

Keyword prioritization cannot be considered the final step in the keyword research process. Rather, it is an action that you must consider as the process progresses. To find keywords, measure criteria, and categorize words, you should ask yourself these questions during the search process:

  • How much traffic am I expecting for this keyword?
  • How fierce is the competition on this keyword? What do I need to do to rank?
  • Do I have ready-made content on my website for this topic? If not, what should I do to create and upgrade a page for it?
  • Does my website currently rank for this keyword?
  • Will the traffic drive lead to more sales or just an increase in brand awareness?

Priority Keywords

Periodically Review and Analyze Keywords

Reviewing Keywords

Keyword research, is a vital part of your content and SEO strategy. The important point is that you don't limit yourself to a fixed keyword list. As an SEO specialist or business owner, you should constantly review your collected keywords list by getting new information from users, providing new services, taking into account changes in the market and changes in Google algorithms.

For example, a website may delete some of its products. On the other hand, changes in the market and the launch of new products lead to changes in the priorities of the keywords and the search volume for each. All of this entails the need to review and re-apply keyword research. Quality and useful keyword research should be a dynamic document in our SEO strategy. Be sure to update your list at least once every 3 months. Despite the varying content of weekly themes, the success achieved by special works started two months in advance according to the annual plan is very valuable for us. Shortly after launching the themes, we managed to rank in the first place.

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