Nick Brown 25 January 2019

Digital Marketing

Marketing Tactics an Online Shop Should Be Aware of in 2019

Marketing is all about being distinguishable and different from others, however, this doesn’t mean that you need to invent something new. Think about it, there are so many businesses out there, so what if each of them had to invent a new marketing technique in order to survive. The concept itself sounds both ridiculous and impossible, which is why you need to take a different approach. What you need to do is find an entrance point, a new angle for your business in the already existent ecosystem of that particular niche. With that in mind, here are several marketing tactics that an online shop should be aware of in 2019.

Investment in AR marketing

The reason why AR is such a big force in the marketing world is due to the fact that it blends in so well with many different industries. For instance, selling a piece of furniture, let’s say a chair, is much easier if your customers can envision what it would look like in their home. With the help of AR marketing, they could see this by looking at the screen of their phone while recording it through the lens of the camera. This increases an immersion, helps you focus on the task at hand and promotes products through gamification, which feels a lot less pushy and a lot less hard-sell.

User-generated content (UGC)

The biggest problem with traditional content lies in the fact that the agenda behind it is always more than transparent. In other words, if you’re talking good about your product, it’s clear to your audience that it’s because you want to close the sale. However, what if someone else is to do this? What if it’s someone like them, a regular customer or a user? Of course, we’re talking about the user-generated content (UGC).

Well, this changes things quite a bit and makes the message you want them to receive a bit better formatted. Of course, you would have to ask for the permission of the user in question first, nonetheless, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue. You can even reward this kind of positive endorsement, thus incentivizing others to follow in their footsteps.

Old-school marketing is still cost-efficient

The greatest benefits of digital marketing methods lie in the fact that it’s much easier to measure their ROI. Even with the most basic of tools, it’s fairly easy to tell if the audience came to your website directly, through a link you sent them via an email or a link that was posted on your social media profile. Still, just because you can’t pinpoint whether the customer heard about you via an email or read your company’s social media handle from numerous printed t-shirts you distributed to your customers, partners, and employees. The reason why this particular example is so interesting is due to the fact that it shows you the way of using offline marketing strategy in order to promote your business’ online presence.

Improving your SEO game

The truth is that this item probably deserves a higher spot on the list, however, unlike UGC, promotional material-based marketing and AR implementation, it’s probably not something new for your e-commerce business. Namely, chances are that you’re already investing in SEO, due to the fact that it’s crucial for a small business of any format or form. Now, you merely need to adapt it to several new trends. Transition it into a new era in an as seamless manner as possible. We’re talking about a bigger focus on local mobile searches and optimization for voice search. These two ideas alone can make a world of a difference.

Building an app

The reason why your business needs an app so much is due to the fact that the majority of your audience spends their time on their phone interacting with an app (about 90 percent of the time). Therefore, building an app might give you a better chance of capturing their attention. This app may also lead straight to your store, which simplifies any potential transaction, further simplifying the checkout process. Needless to say, that the notification system is probably the easiest way for you to stay in mind of your audience and a simple way to send them a clear and direct message.

Email marketing

At long last, you need to understand the fact that anyone who claims email marketing to be dead deliberately stays oblivious of the fact that it brings in an average of 4400 percent ROI. Keep in mind that in order for this to work, you need to become much more efficient in email marketing, starting with learning how to write a compelling subject line (and one that seems as if it was written by a human being). Other than this, you need to learn all about the benefits of including a video into your email, as well as a proper CTA (call-to-action) button placement.

With these six simple strategies on your side, your e-store should start increasing its revenue in no time. One more thing, feedback is everything and just because your audience should react to something positively, it doesn’t mean that they will. Therefore, you also need a solid PR plan, as well as a willingness to adjust to the ever-changing situation. For this, try listening to your audience, follow relevant metrics and even use A/B testing, whenever you can.

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