Nick Brown 29 October 2018


The Way Mobile Apps Are Reshaping The eCommerce Industry

In today’s world of eCommerce, it has become essential for businesses to design the best possible mobile apps that will entice their customer base to engage with them. We are all very aware that the era that we live in today is defined by smartphone users, so it is hardly a surprise that more and more people search for and buy items from online stores via their mobile devices. Nowadays, it is all about convenience and the best possible experience for the customer.

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it has basically turned the online world upside down, for youngsters, students, businessmen, and pretty much everyone around. With the emergence and growth of artificial intelligence, automation, and other amazing aspects, it has become possible to create a perfectly customized experience for each and every user. Therefore, the existence of such apps has not only changed how people interact with brands and what they expect from them, but also the ways to provide exactly what they are looking for.

An equal footing for everyone

It is also very important to note that, unlike in the past, today it is pretty easy to build a mobile app. As a result, anyone who makes a top-notch app actually has an equal footing in the eCommerce world, no matter whether they are a small business or a big player. Basically, everyone can make it today if they come up with an app that provides the perfect user experience for their customers.

Augmented reality

One of the biggest trends when it comes to modern mobile apps is definitely AR (Augmented Reality). By using this technology, businesses have gained the ability to fully present their products to any customer in a way that helps them immensely in terms of making a decision based on all of the particular item’s aspects.

Let’s take a shop that sells furniture for example, such as the famous IKEA. They provide their customers with an app that makes it possible to check out all the dimensions of a particular piece of furniture and even virtually put it in the location in their home where they intend to, in order to see whether it would truly fit. Furthermore, American Apparel, a well-known clothing company has an app that makes it possible for you to “try on” their items before you decide to buy them.

Messaging apps

Pretty much everyone is well aware of how much time people spend messaging each other in this digital age. Messaging apps are used daily by billions of people, which should tell every eCommerce business that this is one of the most important ways to engage with their audiences. As every marketer will tell you-you need to spend your time where your customers are. The fact is that next to personal chats, messaging has become an essential channel for sales and communication with your customers.

In fact, if a company decides to ignore this aspect, they may end up losing the battle against the competition that has fully embraced this aspect, and is engaging with their customers via messaging apps in order to make them feel like they truly care about their needs, and make sales a lot easier and quicker.

Voice assistants

Of course, one cannot simply gloss over the importance of voice assistants in eCommerce. Since you cannot always have people taking care of every single customer via a messenger app, voice assistants make the perfect automatic solution. A voice assistant can provide an instant experience, and also come up with fully personalized recommendations of what products a customer would like according to their previous purchases and inquiries. Finally, this is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to gather crucial data about your customer base, so that you can come up with better solutions for the future.

Image search

If they cannot use the help of their voices, then there is certainly another way for your customers to find what they need in an instant, and that is image search. For example, a customer might find a product in a brick-and-mortar store that they really like but is too pricey for their current budget. Image search makes it incredibly easy to look for the same item for a different price elsewhere.

A website that is well known for this feature is Pinterest. Image search is the base of finding pins that are related to the one that they like. A number of well-known brands are using this feature at the moment, and it is only going to become more popular in the future.

Your app and your website

Of course, even with the incredible growth of mobile apps, your website still remains as important as it used to be. In fact, your apps can, among other things, be the perfect pathway that leads to it. What this means is that the importance of eCommerce website design plays an essential part of the game as much as creating the perfect app that will spark interactions with your customer base.

In both cases, proper design is crucial, because you want to provide the perfect journey for the user.  You want both your app and website to be able to perfectly navigate your customer to do what you want them to do. If either is designed poorly and doesn’t provide a satisfying journey, it will certainly make people look for similar products elsewhere.

The goal of every eCommerce business is to create the best possible journey, as well as means of communication, with their customer base. The fact is that mobile apps are playing a crucial role in this regard, utilizing a variety of features, such as augmented reality, instant messaging, voice assistance, and image search. Technology is exponentially evolving, which not only means that the eCommerce industry is highly affected by it, but also that it will keep changing in the future as new features and trends arise.

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