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Performance Marketing: Target Pleasant Conversions with Efficient Strategies

The performance marketing process at Webtures is implemented in line with the most competitive conditions.

How do we do?

Performance Marketing

Want to get more conversions with your current ad budget? Contact us for detailed information!

We create targeted advertising campaigns to attract qualified leads to your site, Conversation Optimization to get the most out of your traffic, customer value optimization to get the most out of every opportunity, and make analyses to ensure our results affect the metrics, which is the most important thing.

We review historical data in your account by blending it with current data and setting it up to ensure maximum efficiency.
We are trying to maximize the data measurement so that you don't worry and say "Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I don't know which half".
After measuring the data, we interpret it and get it ready for optimization.
We've got all the data and they're waiting for an action to be taken. We take the necessary action to maximize the efficiency you receive from ads.
BKM Kitap background Performance Marketing BKM Kitap

BKM Kitap: 775% Revenue Increase in 1 Month with Same Budget

With special offers and groupings, we have portioned out our budget to the groups that have highest conversions at the lowest costs. In addition, we identify the most converting audiences with the data we obtain as a result of the analyzes performed by Analytics and we added them to our campaigns and made special offers on Google Ads. We identified categories or products whose yields increased or decreased on a daily and weekly basis and took action to create special offers. As a result of these studies and other similar detail optimizations, we reduced the transaction cost in shopping campaigns by 691% and increased the number of transactions by 693%.

We used our specific remarketing lists in our dynamic remarketing campaigns and offered special offers among themselves and directed them to out visitors, inviting them to make a purchase. Thus, we managed to increase the current conversion rate by 9 times.

Performance Marketing Tools

While big companies can spend millions of dollars on branding, most businesses need to focus on results to stay profitable. Performance marketing keeps power in the hands of the advertiser. You determine the transaction, then pay when it is completed (sales, leads, or clicks).

High Performance Landing Page Test

Yüksek Performanslı Landing Page Testi

Any PPC agency will perform better when they also check landing pages. We investigate, prioritize, and design landing page tests that we work to achieve at least 95% confidence. This helps you increase conversion rates, conversion volume, and lower your cost-per-conversion.

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