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How do I get more visitors to my website?

Robyn Nathan
Robyn Nathan
3 years ago 660 Views

I need to attract more visitors to my website. How can I achieve this? Is there a way you suggest?

How do I get more visitors to my website? Answers

  • Yuliia Merkieieva
    Yuliia Merkieieva 06 August 2020 at 16:40

    Let’s take a look at the main ways to drive traffic to your website.
    First, you need to understand types:
    1. Direct. Such visitors come to the resource by entering the address into the address bar of the browser, clicking on the link in the saved bookmarks or in the offline document.
    2. Referral. It is given by links posted on third-party resources.
    3. Search engine. These users come from search engines.
    4. Social. Its source is social media.

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