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How do you do technical SEO?

Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins
2 years ago 309 Views

I’ve seen articles about “Technical seo” in an article. Could you please talk about technical seo?

How do you do technical SEO? Answers

  • Kaitlyn Robertson
    Kaitlyn Robertson 26 February 2020 at 17:12


    The logic of the main job as SEO is to understand what criteria search engines want on their websites and how they want these criteria to produce a strategy that suits them.

    To give a brief information, technical SEO is SEO strategies that cover the criteria in which the sites are examined in software.
    It covers the SEO criteria such as the url structure of the sites, canonical urls and the robots.txt file.

    It is possible to perform technical SEO reviews manually through a checklist or to perform analyzes more smoothly and more comprehensively through various tools.

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