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How long does it take to be an SEO expert?

Angelina Smith
Angelina Smith
2 years ago 1247 Views

How much time do I need to become a seo expert? What do you suggest I do about it? Waiting for your ideas.

How long does it take to be an SEO expert? Answers

  • Ruslandos Marhines
    Ruslandos Marhines 14 July 2020 at 10:46

    Hello, you are talking about seo expert. But did you know that everywhere in seoworld there are exact separation between seo levels?
    Half a year – year experience can be Junior seo, 1-2 years – middle seo, then you can be senior and expert. Expert should be SEO Guru in his area and minimum 3+ year experience (if is fast studied enough).

  • Scarlet White
    Scarlet White 28 February 2020 at 21:58

    SEO is one of the most critical areas of the internet environment. It is not possible to mention a certain period on behalf of being able to specialize in SEO, which has become one of the most severe issues of recent years. Working hard and trying to become an SEO expert is a significant issue. If you do the necessary work on SEO regularly, I can say that you can become an SEO expert within a maximum of 6 months.

  • Connor Holmes
    Connor Holmes 21 February 2020 at 17:13

    It would depend on your skills and your effort. If you spend only half an hour in a day to develop your skills and knowledge, it would take years. So, I can say that; if you really want to become a SEO expert you need to work for it. You need to follow all the developments in the digital world. Please do not forget that, the digital world is not static. The SEO practices of 2000’s, and 2010’s are totally different from each other, and now we are in 2020’s. I can say that, it is not about time, it is about your effort and skills. It could take six months or your six years depending on your goal, your skills and your effort.
    You need to have some skills to be a successful SEO expert. First one is about technique. As you know, SEO is about the algorithms of search engines. So, a successful SEO expert should know how a search engine index websites, how coding works etc. SEO requires much more than writing original content.

    A SEO expert should be creative. In order to pass your rivals, you need to be different. A successful SEO expert should be the one who creates difference. Creativity minimize the amount of money spend on a task, and it also helps doing a task in a shorter time.

    Creativity should not be confused with selfishness. SEO has become a team work after 2010’s. There are many people in a company’s SEO team. A good SEO expert should communicate with them well. You should try to understand them, and also help them to develop themselves. If you do not understand your teammates or they do not understand you, the result of any work would be a disaster both for you and the company that you work for.

    A successful SEO expert should also be a good observer. You need to observe the results of the SEO activities on a webpage. You should differentiate which ones affect websites in a positive way and which ones affect the website in a bad way.

    As you can see, becoming a SEO expert requires skill and effort. The amount of time that you need to be a successful SEO expert depends on your commitment and skills.

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