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How much does SEO audit cost?

2 years ago 395 Views

I want to do an SEO audit on a website that belongs to me. Do I need to have any budget for this?

How much does SEO audit cost? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 19 February 2020 at 17:21

    Hello, the prices of SEO studies will change in this case as the status of every website will not be the same. The price to be paid by a short-term website owner and the price to be paid by a long-term website owner will not be the same.

    That’s why we recommend you to receive special offers directly for your site.

  • Blair Adams
    Blair Adams 18 February 2020 at 21:26

    There is no real answer to the SEO audit cost. It varies according to the study to be answered, the application conditions of the study and the length of the study. To determine the price or price range of an SEO campaign, you need to find answers to certain key questions. If you can achieve this, you can make a much healthier decision.

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