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How to get my first seo client?

Ainsley Rivers
Ainsley Rivers
1 year ago 622 Views

Hello! I am the owner of SEO agency and want to find my first client. How is it possible?

How to get my first seo client? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 08 September 2020 at 15:37

    So, let’s try to find those ways that will help you attract more customers and improve your reputation.

    Do you have a website that needs traffic? Did you know that sites by themselves don’t get traffic?

    Design studios, hosting companies and Internet providers

    Interact with people associated with these destinations. Design companies have clients in their arsenal who may be interested in seo as they are just creating their website. It’s the same with hosting companies, you can try to negotiate with them for banners or mentioning you (advertising) in their magazines and brochures. Also, in each city there are Internet providers, you can offer them referrals from each brought client, they will do the rest of the work to attract you customers themselves.

    Radio and TV

    Conduct short talks on radio and television on the topic of search marketing, its relevance, and business improvement for those companies that also use Internet strategies in their marketing.


    Do your work 100% with high quality and your clients will recommend you to their friends, so your business will expand without investing additional funds.

    Local newspapers

    Write articles to local newspapers about search engine promotion and at the end include a link to your website and a contact phone number or email address. The people who read the article to the end are your potential customers.

    In addition to offline methods, there are also online methods, when customers can be found directly on the network. Here are some of them.

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