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How to make images seo friendly?

Peyton Humphreys
Peyton Humphreys
2 years ago 1706 Views

Hello! I would like to add images to my website. How to male them SEO friendly?

How to make images seo friendly? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 25 September 2020 at 21:14

    Hello! Promotion of images – can give additional visitors from search engines, for many topics in a normal amount. If these are commercial topics, then pictures can be turned into sales, since a picture is a kind of banner in the search engine results.

    Promotion of any images for various resources is different. When working with complex commercial sites, it is almost always not enough to optimize illustrations for successful ranking of illustrations. For such a promotion, external factors matter, with which the webmaster must work.

    The first thing to worry about is the presence of redirects from other resources to the promoted image. Such redirects can be in the form of an anchor link or another image. To place external links, it is preferable to select sites with similar topics.

    You can also post a picture on any authoritative resource, while an active link can be omitted. The main thing is that the image has an address specified by Title and alt.

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