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What are the best SEO practices?

Alba Archer
Alba Archer
2 years ago 397 Views

What are the best practices for SEO? Which SEO tools are easy to use for beginners?

What are the best SEO practices? Answers

  • Elif Nur Kasapoğlu
    Elif Nur Kasapoğlu 03 March 2020 at 12:21


    Below you can find out which tools you need.
    Among the best tools for SEO, Ahrefs, Semrush and Deepcrawl tools provide great support in in-site off-site analysis.

    If you want to examine the site technically, we recommend Screaming Frog and DeepCrawl tools.

    If you want to analyze the traffic to the site, you should use the leading Google Search Console and Google Analytics tools.

    You can use Answer The Public, KWFinder, among the tools that will be useful in finding words.

    Ahrefs data will facilitate your business in competitor analysis.

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