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What is backlinks in seo example?

Elsie-may Robertson
Elsie-may Robertson
1 year ago 1168 Views

Hello! How do I get quality backlinks? How to find backlinks of website?

What is backlinks in seo example? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 10 September 2020 at 17:03

    Hello! The presence of backlinks gives the site one thing – the link mass. This is the general meaning of all references to resource X on the Internet. Please note that this means only address mention, that is, a direct link to a resource that starts with https: //Х-site.com or http: //Х-site.com. The only difference is in the secure and non-secure protocol (the letter “s” was noticed at the end of http?). But we will not delve into this topic, since it is worthy of a separate article. So, a site needs a link mass for one good reason – Google and Yandex search engines pay attention to it when ranking (sorting sites in search results for a specific query). Search engines even have custom metrics to measure link mass. Google has PR (page rank), while Yandex has TIC (thematic citation index)

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