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What is SEO and how do you do it?

George Walsh
George Walsh
3 years ago 639 Views

What is Seo? And how do we implement SEO? Does Seo have a disadvantage? I’d appreciate it if you answered. Have a nice day. ­čÖé

What is SEO and how do you do it? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 February 2020 at 15:10

    SEO means Search engine optimization. It is the optimization of the website for search engines searches for the targeted keywords by optimizing the search engines by allowing the search engines to “crawl” to understand more comfortably.

    Search Engine Optimization processes do not have any disadvantages. On the contrary, this process has significant benefits to the sites.

    As a result of the analyzes made on the SEO site, it is carried out with many optimization processes, some of which are technical.

    But it would be correct to consider that the priorities and needs of each website are different. It is not possible to talk about a uniform SEO analysis process. When starting the SEO process, you should prioritize the works that will make a quick contribution by asking the right questions that will understand all the needs in your meeting with the website. Likewise, you should do this prioritization while doing this for your own site.

    SEO Work Steps

    Market Research

    In addition to the status of the current site, organic competitors in the relevant industry and offline competitors should be examined.

    Target Audience Identification

    You should examine the calls made by your target audience. Understanding the needs of your target audience will be one of the most important points of the entire strategy. Accordingly, we have determined the topic types and content types that will be used in your content strategy.

    Traffic Prediction

    After making a comprehensive keyword analysis using different tools, you should categorize these words, measure the amount of potential traffic that can be obtained for different time periods and scenarios and generate reports when the related keywords are targeted.

    Competitor Analysis

    After determining the competitors in the industry, you should identify the deficiencies and the pluses of organic competitors.

    Technical SEO Work

    By scanning the website with various tools, you should identify the locations that are missing or wrong on the technical side, and aim for the site to get maximum technical efficiency by performing search engine optimizations.

    Content Strategy

    In order for the website to be successful in terms of SEO, you should examine its contents. You should determine your strategy based on keyword analysis, content performance in browsing results, and shortcomings.

    Content Production

    You should make sure that the category, product, and service contents according to the site type are suitable for SEO optimization. In order to get the maximum benefit in CTR optimizations, you should follow the title and description trends.

    Link Acquisition Strategy

    You should include content types such as infographic, video content, and interesting topics in the study plan.


    You should examine the backlink profile of the website and aim to achieve a healthy and organic structure. You should monitor the backlinks coming to the site with regular malicious link analysis and reject using the disavow tool.

    SEO Visibility

    You should follow the SEO visibility data frequently following the search engine optimization studies. You should review the performance of the site in search engine results in a planned way.

    Organic Traffic Measurement

    With the help of tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, you should regularly review organic traffic performance with all the details and create an action plan.

    Optimization Studies

    To begin with the simple, you need to perform high-level optimization successfully.

    You can do SEO to your site by optimizing this and many more. If you want support, you can contact us ´üŐ

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