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What is SEO Expansion?

Kole Acosta
Kole Acosta
4 years ago 1133 Views

Hello, I am wondering what SEO stands for as someone who has just created my personal website. I would be glad if you inform me and those who are curious about SEO opening like me.

What is SEO Expansion? Answers

  • What is SEO Expansion?
    What Is Seo Expansion? 28 February 2020 at 01:46

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is Search Engine Optimization.

    SEO is the whole of technical, analytical and creative work to increase the visibility of a website in search engines. The word SEO is an English word. In our country, SEO expansion should be called technically as search engine optimization. But in the folk language, SEO also has many different attributes. Some of them are highlighted on Google, and the first page on Google is characterized by website owners.

    The English word of SEO can be said as Search Engine Optimization, namely search engine optimization or adaptation. In other words, we can say that the general name given to all transactions that will ensure the compatibility of websites with search engines is SEO.

    SEO expansion may encounter foreign words used in the search engine optimization process. If you wish, let us give brief information about them.

    Backlink: The name given to the external link received from another website or page of a website. For example, if site A gives link to site B, site B gets backlink from site A.

    On Page SEO: It is known as on-site SEO. It is the general name given to all internal optimization processes performed within the site.

    Off Page SEO: All off-site SEO operations fall into off-page SEO. Backlink from another site is just one of the offsite SEO processes.

    Sandbox: It is a penal sanction imposed by search engines. It will delete your website from its own structure or cause some of your authoritative pages to disappear completely. In order to get rid of this criminal sanction, which is difficult to return, professional help is essential.

    Keyword: Known as a Turkish equivalent keyword, the keyword sheds light on your content. These words often determine the direction and intensity of SEO work.

    Description: It is the criterion that you explain to your search engines about your site content. As it is among the codes, it is usually found in the administration area of the site. It must have a length not exceeding 160 characters.

    Pagerank: Pagerank stands for page rank / score. The Google search engine gives a value by making the page scoring of the sites with the updates it makes in uncertain date ranges. This value shows how much the website has over 10 in the eyes of Google.

    Trustrank: It is a second scoring system given by search engines for the evaluation of the studies generally done on the site. According to some theses, it is argued that this value is given based on the most up-to-date of the site.

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