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SEO for E-Psikiyatri

Thanks to the SEO strategy, we increased our organic traffic by 700%.


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E-Psikiyatri SEO Success Process

Determination of Project Needs

E-Psikiyatri, established in 2000, is Turkey's largest psychiatric web portal that follows closely the developments in the fields of mental health, neurology, brain, science, medicine, health and health technologies both in Turkey and the world and provides up to date, impartial, fast and accurate information to its readers.

E-Psikiyatri is within the structure of NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital and Uskudar University.

At the beginning of the project, strategic roadmaps were created for each item by subtracting the following common opinions and targets in the interviews we conducted with the brand.

  • Identifying and eliminating critical technical problems,
  • Identifying and eliminating on-site problems,
  • Eliminating duplication, thin page and cannibalization problems on the Content side,
  • Then, it was decided to examine the existing backlink profile and start outreach processes for new backlink gains,
  • Not to be adversely affected by powerful updates such as EAT (Medic), Core, Mobile First Indexing (Google), and benefitting from updates

Depending on the section above;

  • Ranking in 1st - 3rd positions in targeted hot generic keywords,
  • Determination of short and long tail word groups in order to provide the best response to users' general and voice searches,
  • Reaching new users who are interested in psychiatry and looking for expert opinions and advice on their questions,
  • Increasing the percentage of referral to the health-specific website under the same organization,
  • Conducting comprehensive analysis based on competitors and sectors, identifying new words whose search trend continues for 12 months and planning new content strategy.

Analysis Process of E-Psikiyatri

In order to see the big picture quickly and clearly; DeepCrawl and Ahrefs tools were used at this stage to determine and prioritize whether the site should be on-site / off-site oriented.

When we look at the outputs obtained from both analysis tools; 90% of the basic and critical problems were technical, content and on-site based. Thanks to insights obtained through analysis tools; by creating a roadmap specifically for the project, planning was created in the Gantt chart in Wrike and forwarded to development and content teams in more than 45 task in priority order.

The following briefly mentions the SEO items we have dealt with during the analyzes;

Due to the error that occurs after the implementation process of AMP pages, it has been discovered that the pages it points to with canonical are independent and different from the desktop version, and steps have been taken to fix the problem.

When we compare the desktop and mobile versions of the site separately, areas such as menu, category and so on were not included in the mobile. In order to fix this, quick steps were taken to avoid being adversely affected by the Mobile First Indexing transition and creating a negative experience barrier for users.

On Crawl budget side; URLs turn 3xx, 4xx, 5xx response status code, which adversely affect the search frequency of search engine bots, notably Google are redirected to the most relevant categories and pages (410 status codes are also left for some pages). In addition to the removal of URL addresses that are within the sitemap that have no index and canonical parameters; some of the nearly 7000 tag pages will be redirected in accordance with traffic and click values and some of them will be rotated in 410.

On the side of the basic criteria of SEO; many action-based on-site analyzes were conducted and shared with development teams such as re-optimization of duplicated title, description tags based on CTR, removal of unnecessary IDs from URL structure, correct pagination used in list pages, marking of content received from different sites other than certain trusted sources as no follow, the internal link building strategy between the pages on the website, transmission of schema markup structures specifically for the health sector and so on.

As e-psikiyatri.com is a health portal, it makes frequent use of local and global resources. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk as much as possible, the content has been made original by adding comments as much as possible, and in addition to the existing categories within the site, 10 additional categories have been developed and 100% original, 10X and evergreen content strategies have been developed.

Merging a group of pages, rewriting a group of pages from the beginning based on user needs or directing to pages that are directly/indirectly relevant are planned for a set of pages that create duplicated and thin pages that do not provide added value directly to the end user.

The Results

Immediately after the creation of a strategic SEO roadmap addressing the needs of the e-Psychiatry project; As a result of our coordinated work with development and content teams during SEO operations, we expect to see;


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase In The Number Of New Users


Increase In Top10 Ranked Positions

Future forecast

With the steady improvements in the technical and content side, we foresee the SEO traffic reached 1,200,000 in 2020 to reach 3,000,000.

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