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Fonex Kozmetik

We increased the Adwords income of Fonex Kozmetik - one of the foremost cosmetics producer in Turkey - with out Performance Marketing team by 193% in a month. Additionally, we achieved a 233% process and a 130% conversion rate increase

Fonex Kozmetik

Fonex Kozmetik ADS and Conversation Optimization Process

How did we achieve that with Fonex Kozmetik?

  • Unbundling based on element identity, product type and brand in shopping advertisements, offerings exclusive to them
  • Device-based special offering
  • Preparation of customized remarketing lists and their exclusive offerings in campaigns
  • Keyword offerings based on conversion rate and conversion cost, the addition of words with most and optimum conversion to separate advertisement groups/campaigns
  • Advertisement copy optimization
  • Controlled budget increase and distribution of it in suitable rates to correct campaigns
  • The new effective campaign, advertisement group, and keyword additions

Tchibo SEO Success

Along with weekly changing product themes, we implemented an unprecedented SEO strategy and We increased SEO Non-Brand organic traffic by 122%, order number by 108% and turnover by 124%.

Ersa Saat SEO Success

Ersa Saat, assuming the Turkey representative of the world-famous watch brands. Ersa Saat is the licensed distributor of the brands Casio, Pierre Cardin, Bulova, Swiss Military and Timberland and present them to their customers' taste.

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