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İstanbul Allergy

Through digital advertising works we have conducted through Istanbul Allergy, which provides treatment solutions in allergic diseases and is the clinic of this field's renowned Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akçay, we have increased daily average appointment numbers to a number as high as 30.

İstanbul Allergy

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Istanbul Allergy ADS Process

How did we achieve that?

We have divided the campaign tree to maximum breakdowns and formed advertisement groups through correct keyword selection, grouping, and matching types. We wrote advertising copies customized for these groups that would increase the clickthrough rate and direct users to making appointments. Thus we improved our quality points and CTRs while reducing click costs.

Additionally, we prevented poor quality traffic coming from nearby counties with local based targeting.

We defined event codes exclusive to phone calls and appointment buttons, analyzed and optimized our advertisements in accordance with these conversions, and tried to obtain maximum efficiency.

We published our banners in allergy-related video and sites in the video advertisement network, obtained an efficient traffic in this field too, and increase our appointment numbers by feeding it apart from the search side.

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