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What strategies did Nemoda use to increase organic traffic with Webtures by 324% ?


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Nemoda SEO Process

Nemoda in which you would like to follow the fashion closely increased its organic traffic with Webtures by 324% within 4 months working period.

As always in the work process, we applied our analysis to improve the on page SEO health first. After editing the basic criterias in the page, we performed revision operations like URL structures, breadcrumbs, category contents, paging structures, canonical tags etc. We created our work plan with industry, competitor and keyword analysis subsequantly and started working.

With the determined blog titles , we aimed not only to get traffic from product searches but also from searches made for information purposes.

Together with all these services and UX work, we have recommended on-site optimizations that will enhance the conversion and observe the entire user experience. Along with this arrangement, we have gained a great acceleration on the organic side.

Nemoda Trafik

Before our work began, we increased our organic traffic to 2,940 sessions, with a 100% increase to 5,603 sessions in the first month. With the impact of changes the next month we saw a 24% drop that we made on the site and the adjustments we have made quickly led to a rapid increase in site traffic. in the next month, with a significant increase of 35% we succeeded in achieving 6,206 organic traffic sessions and in the following month, we were able to achieve 12,046 organic traffic sessions with a large increase of 94%.

Nemoda, which we have already increased our organic traffic after 4 months by about 10,000 or 324% by calculation, seems to be talking about its name in the sector.

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