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How did the recipe site, Porsiyon.com, increase its organic traffic with Webtures by 143% in 6 months?


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Papara SEO Process

We started our studies primarily from within the site. There were majer error on it. Some of them were;

  • Duplicate opening of the home page,
  • Keyword density and text/HTML ratio of the pages
  • Wrong heading tags
  • Incompatible title tags
  • Duplicate content pages
  • Canonical problems

We have performed a lot of analyzes to identify many problems like this.

"We identified our target keywords and detected pages that are relevant to the target keywords. By analyzing relevant pages, we aime to detect mistakes and if the page does not exist, we determine what needs to be done. We also removed the errors on the Search Console so that we could minimize them on the site. Later, we investigated the off page harmful links and detected the malicious links on the site and blocked them with the disavow tool. We intervened for all faults inside and outside of the site so that we could reduce the mistakes in the site as much as possible."

During work process, apart from in-site we also created special micro blogs for off-site work. For these micro blogs that we have created, every day we have been able to provide them relevant content, making micro blogs stronger in terms of content. As microblogs gain power, we have redirected related links to pages in Porsiyon from what we have written. In addition, we have implemented various sharing platforms on these platforms such as food platforms, dictionaries and forums etc.

Especially in the first 10-day analysis period, we started to work on these and other detailed analyzes and we succeeded in reaching 33,221 by increasing 143% organic traffic which was 13,693 after 6 months work.

  • 153% of the visiters are new.
  • Checking on the SEO visibility in the last 2 years, we are detecting a significant upsurge especially in the last 6 months.
  • While it is visible on search engines with a total of 158 keywords, this number has now risen to 555.
  • Porsiyon.com, which we work for seven months, completed the first 13 days of May with 11,663 organic traffic, which is seen as 23.803 in the first 13 days of June.
  • Porsiyon.com, which is growing every month, seems to continue its rapid rise.

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