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Role Istanbul Agency, which provides actors to TV shows, movies and commercials in Istanbul, increased its organic traffic 23 times in 4 months through SEO work.

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Rol İstanbul Agency SEO Process

Initially, we took a week to analyze the current situation of the site in the sector. Within that week, we have analyzed the site, the sector and competitors in detail, and also determined the shortcomings of the site in terms of SEO and competitors.
As it can be seen in the image, the home page (A) and different pages (*) were in all of the rankings. Content was lacking at that point, and we have started our work by taking steps toward improving the content at the first stage.
We have initially determined our keywords. After determining the words we will be working with, we have created landing pages about these words and designed them in a user-friendly way. Then we determined competitors related to keywords we will be working with, and targeted keywords that receive the more traffic for our competitors. We have maximized the general SEO health of our pages and our site in comparison with our competitors. After a week of analyses, we have created a specific strategy by determining the needs of the site and started the SEO work.

SEO & SEM Visibility

At the beginning of the work, the site only received traffic from Adwords and social media. Adwords and advertising costs were high, since the SEO visibility was not high. However, within the period since the SEO work has started, advertising costs have decreased and organic traffic has increased. As organic traffic increased, advertisements were completely cut off after a while and Adwords costs came down to zero.

We reached the first page with all 30 keywords in 4 months. Our worst project ranked in 7 at the end of the project. When we checked the rankings again a year after the work was completed, our keywords were doing better than the time we left them. This shows the importance and the correctness of our strategy.


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