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With Valstur we achieved the first page success in 6 months in the most competitive 26 words of the tourism sector.


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Valstur SEO Process

Valstur has reached the top with Webtures.

Valstur has Reached the Top with Webtures Advantages offered by digital marketing for brands continues increasingly day by day. While continuing to protect its leader attitude in Turkey on SEO, Webstures has managed to add one more success.

At the service of Turkish tourism and vacationers since 1991, Valstur renewed its corporate identity and infrastructure in 2011 and is operating as a tourism company which provides its customers with reliable, fast and easy reservation possibility thanks to the technological investments it has made. After Valstur started working in digital marketing area, it preferred Webtures for SEO works. Data appearing are enough to justify how correct this preference is.

Webtures farkı

Webtures Difference

While the number of Valstur website visitors used to navigate in low figures as 2,300, this rate, thanks to the creative SEO strategy applied by Webtures uniquely for every brand, has transformed into a visitor army of 22,000 people.

We asked the facts behind this growth rate to Özgür Aksoy from Webtures team. He told us about the subject by analysing it in detail.

Valstur Work Story

We started our works in 23.12.2014. We allocated the first week of our work entirely to analysis process, because we had to conduct certain analyses to get to know the site and the sector. Our analyses in order:

Özgür Aksoy

Site İçi SEO analizi

In-site SEO Analysis

We analysed the site over approximately 100 SEO criteria and saw that the site had many areas which required fixing. We stated that these errors had critical importance and eliminated the errors of the site simultaneously with Valstur software team.

Anahtar Kelime Tespiti

Keyword Detection

We analysed in detail the websites in the sector as well as the website of Valstur, performed long researches on which words we could get more productivity, determined 30 words through joint decision and detected their search volumes and return rates, and approved our keywords.

Detection of Keyword Compatible Page

We performed detailed analysis such as at which locations the keywords we determined were located, whether there was any page related to such words and how intensively the keywords were found in the site, and ensured formation of relevant pages by harmonizing keywords with SEO.

Sosyal Medya ve Backlink Analizi

Social Media and Backlink Analysis

In this analysis of ours, I think everyone can guess how effective the contribution of social media to SEO can be considering that people spend most of their times in social media. We analysed both our competitors and our own social media accounts over Social Media, determined the points we lack and what type of sharing must be made, and created a work strategy accordingly.

Rakiplerinin SEO kalite ve Stratejileri

SEO Quality and Strategies of Competitors

Since our sector would be one of the sectors with very high competition, we knew competitors would not be idle, and we started 1 step ahead all the time by analysing them in depth and detecting what type of SEO work would be carried out.

Full SEO checkup Sonucu

Full SEO Check-up Result

In this analysis, we perform detailed analysis down to the last detail of the site. By analysing from design to software, from site speed to mobile compatibility as well as site management and even basket section, we ensured elimination of every detected error.

We completed our analysis processes this way. Upon starting our out-site SEO works, our site started advancing step by step, and we saw traffic increase. We did not have much time since we estimated that the sector would start on April, therefore we had to work very accurately and rigorously; we had to advance in a controlled manner by calculating every backlink return and what contributions it made to the site. (On-site and in-site SEO)


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