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With Yıldız Mobilya, whom we started to work with in 2014, we have increased the organic traffic by 185% in total in 3 years.

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Yıldız Mobilya SEO Step

For our collaboration with Yıldız Mobilya, we focused primarily on SEO within the site. We fixed the errors affecting the overall SEO health on the site, and performed the keyword determination process. After identifying the keywords, we created in-site landing pages. Since these landing pages we have created are completely SEO Friendly, we have made similar arrangements for other categories, subcategories and products across the site.

With the industry and competitor analyzes we have made, we have achieved a complete control of both the competitors and the industry and we have made a transition to offsite SEO studies.

While we are working on the algorithm updates that are valid in 2014, we have continuously improved our studies in accordance with the algorithm updates that we anticipate in the coming years.


The 3-year organic traffic change graph is as follows.

As seen in the graphic, Yıldız Mobilya isn't affected by the algorithm updates that affected many sites, but organic traffic has increased every year.

If we examine on a yearly basis;

  • 2014 - 2015 52,691 to 63,195 20%
  • 2015 - 2016 30% from 63,195 to 82,383
  • 2016 - 2017 From 82.383 to 150.326, an 82% increase has been achieved.

From the beginning until today, 185% traffic growth has been achieved.


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