Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing aims to let the internet user know more about your brand name, online services and products. SEM incorporates paid advertising through 4 major internet search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo). A general example would be creating a Google Adwords campaing with the keywords that are crucial to your success in your field of business.


How can your Brand get benefit from SEM work?

It is difficult to imagine how advertising worked before the Internet and Search Engines. Invention of the printing press in the 1440s had a big effect on advertising. Flyers and posters could be made very cheaply and by 1600 newspaper ads were common. Today’s online world offers much more versatile, effective, and cost effective solutions to brands and online business in general.

Modern advertisement methods allow us to target desired audience of certain age, location, hobbies, etc., with superb ROI. With the search engine advertisement tools you can, now, easily reach your target audience with individually tailored advertisements to your needs to sky-rocket your success in the field.


Corporate SEO

SEO and SEM - Two sides of the same Coin

Ideally SEM and SEO have to work hand in hand to produce the best results. While they both run on common principles of the ways search engine work, each requires close attention while cooking up a successful digital media marketing campaign. Let’s look at how they mix together.

Main job of search engines is to find relevant information that user demands from them. In order to do that search engines have to be in constant communication with websites. Primary job of a SEO Expert is to be sure that the communication is crystal clear. In other words, this means whenever someone searches for the related keywords in your field of business, SEO Expert makes sure that search engines are ranking your website as high as possible. The more SEO Expert knows the communication methods of search engines the more likely internet users will find your website. In nutshell we can say that SEO does the talking.

A Website can be talking clearly with search engines and the organic traffic may increase, but this is not enough to get full potential from your website visitors. The more you can turn organic traffic into a traffic that buys your services/products the more you are going to increase your business revenue. This is where the SEM shines. The path to brand recognition begins with SMART, online advertisement campaigns. The campaign has to be Specific enough to target your audience. It must be Measurable that you can track conversion rates. Results you expect should be Attainable & Realistic. And last, the campaign has to last between certain Time periods in order to maximize ROI.

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