SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

It is a fact that today many companies focus mostly on social media and digital marketing rather than pure commerce. The development of the technology paves the way of this shift in marketing. In order to have an effective strategy in digital marketing, one of the most important issues that you should pay attention is content marketing. Although it may be still unknown to many people, content marketing is a key point for search engine optimization.

First of all, let’s have a look at what content marketing is. Content marketing is a marketing strategy of engaging with a target audience (potential customers) by creating and publishing relevant and high-quality content via website, social media, or other channels online. The main aim in this marketing technique is to create a purchase habit for the customers. Visual, textual or audial activities can be used to achieve this aim.

Companies get help from SEO to attract customers’ attention. Customers will be able to reach more easily the content that you want to market through this system increasing the rate of accessibility on search engines, potential. For that reason, the connection between SEO and content marketing should be maintained all the time.


The relationship between SEO and content marketing:

  • SEO is essential for success in content marketing.
  • The subjects in content marketing can be more attractive with SEO
  • SEO increases the dominance in search engine optimization while marketing the existing contents.
  • When different SEO operations are carried out for different contents, the results will bring more success.
  • When the user language and SEO operation are combined, the results will be better.

Of course, there are some differences between these two terms even if they work well together. While SEO is more technical including URLs, tags, site maps and so forth, content marketing can be considered in a much more wider angle. It does not have to serve SEO necessarily.

Because of the undeniable relationship between content marketing and SEO, companies should focus on merging these two strategies rather than trying to decide which one they should invest more. But, how can we carry out these strategies together?



First of all, you should find the right keywords for your content through a deep search. You can use keyword tools to find out which keyword would work out best for your website. After deciding the keywords, you should put them into your content, but you should not use them over and over again. Google would not like this. Rather, distribute these word into your content. First paragraph should have more density, and the other paragraphs can have one or two keywords.


Quality Content

Rather than stuffed keywords, Google prefers quality and original content that is useful for the visitors. That is why, you should create good content in order to be successful on SEO. If you want to be ranked at the first page, your content must be unique and attractive for the users. When the user visit the page, they should stay and read your content rather than leaving the page in seconds, which is understood as “having bad content” by Google. Moreover, Google now detects copied contents very easily, therefore be sure that you have creative content.


Publishing Content

After you create your quality  content, it is time to publish it on your website. At this point of your content marketing, you should be careful about issues concerning search engine optimization. For instance, using tags is crucial to reach more potential visitors. You should use H1, H2 and the other ones and these should contain keywords. Be sure that you also put keyword in the title. Another significant point is meta tag and description. These are the things that users see on Google’s results page when they search something. There are other things to pay attention such as URLs, but the main point in this article is to show how connected SEO and content marketing.



You finished yur SEO operation and you are ready to share your content. This is the point where marketing steps in. Share your content as much as possible. Social media platforms are the best places to fullfil this aim. If you can transmit your content to a targeted audience, it will return with more interaction, more links from your website and more recognition. This is eventually augments your brand’s credibility and if you are on e-commerce business, of course the cooperation of SEO and content marketing will bring high return.


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