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SEO Checklist

Html SEO Checklist

W3C is a structure that sets the standards of the Web. It determines the proper use of html tags and sets its criteria
Used by Google to reference that pages with the same kind of content are not copied.
Js compression increases the speed of the site and this way, eliminates unnecessary code structure.
These buttons indicate that your brand or site has social media accounts and that these accounts can be followed.
It provides the security of the personal information of the visitors and bring them into safety.
The url structure of the site should be set to be readable and simple for users.
The heading tag is indicated in the title of the articles within the page and contributes a lot to SEO.

Meta Tags SEO Checklist

It minimizes the code structure of the page and provides rapid progress of your site.
Share buttons enables you to easily share texts and images on social media.
The duration of time your domain is available after purchase
It means combining images that will be used on a website and make them a single image.
This is the analysis method we use to see where users click on our page.

Speed Criteria SEO Checklist

We need to enter the alt tags so that Google Bots can recognize your images and understand what they are about.
We minimize the CSS structure and accelerate our site on mobile and desktop platforms.
By creating +1 effect with like buttons, we show that we like Text and visuals.
This is the command line where we decide which directories on our site we allow to be added to Google by search engines.
It is a tool that analyzes the number of users who visit our pages, from which regions they come from and through which words they find our page.

Social Media SEO Checklist

Images' alt tags can be optimized by identifying them with relevant words and minimizing their size.
When we are going to make a link out of the word, we give the name of our link by using title parameter in the code.
Instant Articles created to increase the speed of content display for mobile devices.
It is a file in xml format which contains the url addresses of the content you published. Bots that visit the site can easily reach addresses through sitemap.xml and indexes them quickly.
It's a test that indicates whether the site is compatible with mobile devices or not.
You can check if your site is Filtered (i.e. punished) by Google from your Search Console following these steps: Search Traffic> Search Traffic> Manual Operations>

General SEO Checklist

The Div tag is used to specify the section of content in the HTML document. We can redirect it using css codes.
The Title tag allows users to see the title of the pages in the search results. It should consist of 65 characters at max.
What we know as Page speed is a tool that controls the speed of our page according to certain criteria and provides us with a percentage point.
We analyze the results of the published pages in the search results with index control. You can search and check the index for results like this, site: example.com/page/.
In addition to indicate the number of visitors visited the site and through which word they reached you, it also provides a report.

Design SEO Checklist

The Description tag is the section that describes what content the page contains and the definition of it. The Description tag shouldn't exceed 160 characters.
It means any page of the site to create a redirect loop to itself.

User Experience SEO Checklist

As an HTML tag, target blank is used to open the link in the new tab.
The size of the page in terms of content and file is determined. The more we can minimize this size, the faster our page will become.
A scroll map is the method by which you can examine the behavior of pages.

Software SEO Checklist

It means css commands are written in html rather than a css file. You should refrain from css commands written in html.
This one indicates that the content language of our page is compatible with any language. The head tag is defined by the meta tag defined in accordance with the html format.
These are the images, javascript or css files that you contain in your site taken from 3rd party websites.
Having a comment section on your page will create an environment for visitors and members to ask their questions or to write their opinions.
This is the caching method used to improve the page load speed.

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