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SEO is the latest game changer that nearly every single digital marketing strategy revolves around nowadays. The main strategy is to pinpoint essential keywords that your field of work and online business are going to mostly benefit from, and then run a budget-friendly digital marketing campaign while expanding your online business.

Benefits of SEO

Imagine you have a store selling shoes. Even if your location is at one of the most crowded streets in the city you can still increase your sales by 40 fold with a professionally built e-commerce site. The upside is that you will probably have to reserve only 10% of your expenses to make this happen!

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Keywords matter in the online world. Choosing the right keyword is crucial for your success. The above example simply demonstrates the potential benefits of e-commerce. In the example above, we selected certain keywords. In total, 10 different keywords will get an average of 456.200 search rate monthly. This is just the beginning. Considering there are other words related to shoes, adding them together we can easily reach a search volume of 1 million. Imagine the full sales potential an e-commerce business has with this.

SEO is more than “Search Engine Optimization”

SEO is an umbrella term that encapsulates different lines of work done for the increased visibility of your online business. For a functioning SEO, each subsidiary operation should be using effective ways of referencing and advertising. The ultimate goal of SEO is to let search engines and internet users find your online services/products with cleverly designed marketing campaigns.

What does it Mean to be Listed at Top of the Search Results Page?

A simple question to ask yourself is: When you use Google to find what you want to find, where do you look first? Most people would say the “first few results”. Only a small group of people bother looking at the following pages. Eye-tracking and heat-mapping studies show that when using search engines, user behavior draws a triangular viewing pattern with the information that is in front of them.

Users’ Choice of Search Engines

It is clear that Google is the most preferred search engine out there. Acknowledging this fact, here at Webtures, we mainly focus on the algorithmic structure that Google uses to create its criteria for ranking websites in the search engine results page. This has enabled us to make the most accurate SEO operations for the past 7 years.

Our focus on Google’s algorithmic structure should not mislead you. You may ask “What happens when internet users use different search engines?” Most search engines out there use similar algorithms, therefore any SEO operation done for Google applies to other search engines as well.

What Are the Advantages of SEO ?

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness and Prestige
  • Superb Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reaching Target Audience With Ease
  • Cost Effective
  • Increased Website Visibility and Usability
  • Lowered Cost of Adwords Due to Precise Keyword Targeting

...Resulting in Higher Sales

Advantages of SEO

SEO Operational Process

  • Keyword Analysis and Evaluation
  • Compherensive On-Page SEO Analysis
  • Page Structure and Keyword Compatibility Analysis
  • Sector Competitiveness Analysis
  • Social Media Metric Analysis
  • Analysis of Rival Companies and their Performance
  • Full SEO Checkup Report
SEO Operation Plan

Can I Optimize My Own Website ?

The answer is Yes! To start this journey you have to first learn the SEO terminology. The most healthy way to do this is to read online sources, books specifically written for SEO, and finally learn how to use SEO analysis tools.

Getting Professional Help

SEO is such a delicate process that if it is done incorrectly it can actually damage your website and presence on search engines. There is about 200 criteria that search engines look at to determine if a website is a relevant one or irrelevant one. True SEO work requires daily attention and research. Google changes its algorithms quite frequently. Getting professional help in this field, spares your valuable time and attention so you can focus on the other parts of your business. Our SEO Operation Team at Webtures has a vast amount of knowledge about the way search engines work. It is no accident that hundreds of companies work with Webtures.

In spite of the content changing with weekly themes, the success achieved with special works initiated two months in advance according to the annual plan is very valuable for us. We were able to take our place at the first shortly after we published the theme.
Bilsev Çatal
Bilsev Çatal
E-Commerce Manager - Tchibo
I can sincerely advise those who are in search of this issue since we have witnessed the work discipline and business seriousness in the offices we visit. We wish the success with all our souls :)
Yusuf Balcı
Yusuf Balcı
Dijital Pazarlama Müdürü - Engince
Thanks to the qualified SEO works in and off-site, our rankings started to rise in a short span of time. With Webtures we believe that we will reach our goals in the coming days.
Serkan İpektepe
Serkan İpektepe
Genel Koordinatör - Ereyon

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