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With Facebook Advertising models; You can advertise your product or service, your physical stores can attract customers, the likes and the interactions of your social media page can increase, you can collect forms from users, promote your application, publish your videos, attract visitors to your site, and increase your sales or conversion rates as a result.


Traffic Ads (Site Visits)
This is the advertising model that directs your target audience to your site.
Post Boost Advertisements (Page Post Interaction)
Enables you to highlight posts on your Facebook page and increase your interaction rate.
Page Like Advertisements
This advertising model is aimed at increasing the number of likes of your Facebook page.
You can place advertisements specific to potential customer data you have. For example, you can direct advertisements to people whose cell phone numbers, mail data, and Facebook data match. Additionally, you can remarket to your site visitors with Facebook Pixel.
Dynamic Product Advertisements
Enables you to show dynamic product advertisements customized for people who visited your site or did not visit your site but have interests related to your products. Shows similarities with AdWords dynamic advertisements. A product catalog is required for using this advertising model.
Video Viewing Advertisements
You can get your potential customers to watch your videos.
Lead Generation (Finding Potential Customers) Advertisements
This advertising model enables you to collect information from your relevant target audience in the form of survey/form without them visiting your site.
Application Install
This model enables users to install your mobile application.
Store Visit Advertisements
Advertisements that dynamically localize texts according to each store location, using a single creative template. This feature is available for everyone who has the locations structure established on their Facebook pages. People can get directions, call or mail your business through your advertisement.

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