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Social Media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., provide a valuable opportunity to let others hear your voice. There are about 2.2 billion active social media accounts out there, waiting for you to gain online recognition through means of social media advertising campaigns uniquely designed for your brand. Each brand has different needs, with strong and weak aspects to them. By careful analysis of trends and demographical data, our Social Media specialists create unique advertisement campaigns which emphasize the motivating factor for the products & services for your target audience.

A Webtures Social Media specialist knows how to make a product & service appealing to people who wouldn’t even consider buying or using it. Throughout the campaign Webtures pays attention to the needs of your brand and guarantees high quality of service. Let’s look at how we do it at Webtures.

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Social Media Marketing will Sky-Rocket your Brand Awareness.

  • Preparation of editorial schedule: It is the framework upon which social media campaign is going to be built. Our specialist decides what is going to be posted on each social media accounts per week/month, and which content will reach to certain groups of social media users.
  • Digital graphic design is also a big part of marketing campaigns. Most internet users are attracted by the visual stimuli before they have a chance to read the text. Our graphic design team at Webtures prepares online as well as digital press to enhance user experience.
  • Each brand has a potential essence to be revealed. To make full use of this potential you need to use specific social media domains that will work for your needs. For some clients Facebook and Twitter works, but for some Pinterest is the key to success. A Webtures Social Media specialist runs an A/B testing and decides which social media domain is perfect for you by carefully observing the changes in the online traffic.

SEO Work has an integral part in Complete Digital Media Marketing

To illustrate the interaction between SEO and Social Media Marketing, we can think of the legendary duo of “Han Solo and Chewbacca” from the Star Wars franchise. In our example, Han Solo and Chewbacca takes the role of SEO and Social Media Marketing, respectively. Without Solo, Chewbacca cannot communicate with the outside world (search engines) effectively, but without Chewbacca we wouldn’t come to appreciate full scale of both characters in the movie. Chewbacca is the marketing face that everyone likes and recognizes, meanwhile Han Solo is the one who dictates the way their journeys go. Without SEO, a Social Media Campaign lacks its core component. If your site is not optimized in line with SEO criteria, then your Social Media Campaign marketing will point at a website which is not deemed as relevant for the search engines. Ultimately, your campaign will suffer and not make much of a change in terms of user traffic.

Social Media Marketing
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Why does your Brand need to invest in Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media statistics clearly show that there is a huge shift towards mobile social networking. In upcoming years mobile devices will become dominant more than ever. Products like Google Glass and Apple Watch will have budget friendly alternatives available for larger groups of people. This points to enormous potential of Social Media Marketing.

While running a Social Media Marketing Campaign, you must be sure that you are talking to the right audience with the correct mindset. It is a colossal mistake to commit if you are trying to sell stuff rather than let users identify themselves with the elements of the marketing campaign. Our Social Media Marketing Team at Webtures envisions possible pitfalls and takes great care of the goals that your brand demands.

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