Why SEO is Important for Small business

Why SEO is Important for Small business

Why SEO is Important for Small business

Nowadays whether you are a small business that sells a product or provide a service, having an online presence is one of the crucial factors for your success as a modern-day regular business and that applies whether you were a local or an online business. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if your shop is not located on one of the main streets as long as you are listed on Google maps, people will find you. Similarly when you are at the mall passing by the big brands of clothing companies, you’ll see most of them write at their store front “shop online” they understand how important it is to maintain an online presence, since nowadays people’s attention has been shifted into the world of internet where they do their purchases.

The consumer behavior is not like how it used to be, where it was just a regular visit to the store, around 59% of mobile users has conducted a search for a business website, as a study reveals by Google . Having your business info updated is important to your business but it’s not the only thing that you have to do in order to be reached by your customers, since there are millions of data on the internet and when people conduct search on the internet around 85% of users click through the results from the first page of Google search while a percentage of only 4.97% reach for the 9th page according to google analytic  what we can conclude from those numbers  is that people only look at the first page results and when they don’t find the results they either refine their search or consider your business  as if  it never existed!

What can SEO (search engine optimization) do for your business?

SEO can show your website to the consumer who’s looking for your service in search engines. Search engines such as Google has a lot of data and what they do is that they scan each website for keywords and when people search for similar keywords, Google will give them the most relevant result. SEO brings costumers who are looking for you!

A productive tool for your content creation

To enhance the chances of getting your website to rank higher in SERPs (search engine results page), your website needs to be mentioned in other websites as many times as it is possible, because Google’s algorithm looks at your back links(number of sites that refers to your website) in order to assess if your website is valuable to users or not and that can be done through blogging, social media and collaborations by providing valuable content to your user base that makes them talk about your venture and interact with you all the time. That’s why I like to think about SEO as a productivity tool since it forces you to provide content in order to stay relevant, and you can’t stay relevant unless you provide content, and both of them take a long time to achieve, see SEO isn’t a one-time thing to do, It’s a longterm continuously updated process and the same goes for providing content in your business.

A chance to get ahead of your competitors

There is still a huge gap of information in few countries or a niche business where not enough content is being produced, by providing content about that niche topic you can get an easier chance of ranking higher than your competitors in SERP especially for old slow adaptive businesses you can get pass them by quickly, because you’ll be the only one out there who takes the lead on providing valuable content. Providing information and tips that helps people out within the lane of your business provides trust and credibility, it encourages people to make a purchase when they see a lot of interaction from other people being made towards your company vs. a company that doesn’t interact nor provide useful info for its customers.

Higher ROI (return on investment)

SEO can get somewhere around 50% to 4000% in ROI but as I mentioned before, SEO is a long-term process and in order to achieve a result like this you have to stay patient. Choosing the wrong keywords or tactics for your SEO and doing it with no certain amount of expertise about the subject can jeopardize your investment and more importantly your time. So make sure to reach out for the right resources to achieve success in SEO.

A great research/business development tool

SEO is nothing without providing valuable content and in this way you can look at SEO as a way to connect directly with your consumers, it’ll provide you insights on their needs through research and surveys so that you can actually refine your product and make it better for them. Listening to your customers is one of the vital keys to your success as a business owner, and having that special bond through constant content producing and refining is a key to sustain your business.

Local search


A Google study  showed that 4 out of 5 consumers conduct local search on search engines. People conduct search to find the location, direction to store, business hours and the availability of the product they are looking for .50% of Smartphone local search lead to a customer visit to the store within a day and 18% of them make a purchase. People tend to buy from a local store/business by 30% knowing they would get it faster and cheaper. This shows the importance of updating info and it shows that small business can get ahead of big ones by providing the immediate needs of its customers.


We need to remember that Google is a business and Google business module is to provide the most reliable data out there for its users and Google keeps updating its algorithm on how to provide that for its consumers and websites has to adapt to those changes and comply with them so having a good website that applies with Google’s Algorithm is a good way to stay relevant. Do not think that once your web designer lunches your website that you’ll magically appear on Google, for what it’s worth you might be in page 67 or Google might simply remove you, few developers tend to forget about SEO make sure to talk about them about it on how to optimize your website in order to stay relevant to your consumers and Google’s Algorithm.

Author : Yasameen Thaer

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