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Monthly Reporting

Focus on the data that matters. Easily share results with your team and customers.


Easy Access To Monthly Reports

We've never heard people say they find Google Analytics easy, but it's not Google's fault. The truth is that large amounts of data (plus the number of options for customization and filtering) can be difficult to deal with. And the more data you collect, the harder it can be to discover certain insights.
Where exactly should you look for? What do you pay attention to the most? If you're like most of our customers, that's the challenge.

Let's face it, reporting is generally time consuming. And data is not directional. That means the data is unbiased - it does not point to the next step. Furthermore, it rarely integrates with the other tools you need (keyword rank, etc.) to help you spot the insights that drive obvious actions.

That's why we created our customized monthly reports.

Webtures APP's monthly reports

Webtures APP's monthly reports make it super easy to analyze your results. Delivered directly to your inbox once a month, our reports are easy to understand and also contain data from multiple sources so you don't have to search for them.

Focus on the data that matters

Our monthly reports consist of three sections.

Focus on the data that matters


We start with holistic marketing data to show you how your site traffic is trending, which marketing sources bring the most value, and how your visitors are engaging with your content.


Organic Searches

This section focuses on organic search traffic. How does the traffic trend over time? How much growth did you see last month? Is the quality of the traffic high or low? Which pages perform best in search engine results?



Improvements in keyword rankings tend to predict future visitor growth. We track the ranking of your chosen keywords on Google, Google Mobile, Google Maps and Bing.

Monthly SEO Reports

  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Easy to Understand = Applicable
  • White label option for Pro and Pro Plus Subscribers
  • Review 1:1 with your SEO Coach for Additional Information

What Did Those Who Prefer Us Say?

As Üsküdar University, we have given special importance to our SEO activities and decided to cooperate with Webtures, which has carried out important studies in this field, and we have achieved very productive results from the first months. At the point we have reached today, we can say that we have achieved a sustainable momentum in the face of constantly updated algorithms, with a first page success of 85%. I congratulate the Webtures team, who contributed to this important achievement together with the software unit of our university, and I think that with a rational point of view, it will carry our SEO performance to even higher levels.

Tahsin AKSU
Corporate Communications Director - Üsküdar University

We started working with Webtures with the new design process in the portal section of BelgeHaber, and then we maintained close relations to increase the power of the forum and other pages in search engines. In particular, the interest and close attitude of the Webtures team in all processes are among the factors that make the work easier. By working on misuse, past problems and new regulations on all sites, we were able to increase the visibility of the pages in Google.

Managing Editor - Donanım Haber

With the support of Webtures in terms of both content and software, we have achieved our goals for our website. Our hospital has been serving in the field of health for 20 years. During this time, we had pages with heavy content on our website. As a result of reviewing and editing these contents in accordance with SEO, our pages achieved the targeted success. I am of the opinion that they add value to our institution with their approach to problems, suggesting solutions even on issues that they are not directly related to, and harmonious working styles.

Administrative Director - NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital

In the field of health tourism, in which we operate, WEBTURES has supported us in our SEO efforts, taken our place as a partner by providing advice on our digital visibility, and contributed to our growth. WEBTURES has become a stakeholder of this goal in these days when we need foreign exchange earning services the most.

Gülsultan DOĞAN
Co-Founder - MCAN Health

We Have Grown Every Month in 2.5 Years
SEO is in many ways the most important digital marketing strategy of our time. We would like to thank the Webtures family for the quality service provided in achieving our SEO goals to increase the popularity of our products and services.

Digital Media Specialist - Yataş

We Planned The Hardest SEO Strategy
Despite the content that changes with the weekly themes, the success achieved by the special studies started two months in advance according to the annual plan is very valuable for us. Shortly after we launched the theme, we managed to take our place in the first row.

Bilsev ÇATAL
E-Commerce Manager - Tchibo

As Atabey Educational Institutions, we are about to complete the 2nd year of our fellowship with Webtures. We would like to thank Webtures for helping us on this path with accurate information and the most up-to-date work on SEO during this process. They stood by us with the necessary expert support in our algorithm updates and site revision processes. With the attention they showed to our questions and the answers they gave, we left these processes behind without experiencing too many ranking fluctuations. We would like to thank the Webtures team again for their friendly and professional approach.

Digital Marketing Specialist - Atabey Özel Ders

A Young and Dynamic Team
We believe that Webtures and us formed a very natural synergy. Our work together evolves as Webtures helps us attain our goals. We owe a lot to Webtures Family.

Digital Marketing Manager - Elit Yavru

Webtures, which has adopted strategic digital marketing activities and quality as its mission, has greatly contributed to our brand in its SEO activities with its expert and experienced team. While continuing our work on our website, we have undertaken important initiatives in the field of e-commerce, thanks to the interest and support they have shown. It also facilitated the visibility and easy accessibility of our brand. We would like to thank the Webtures team for helping us achieve this success we have targeted.

Co-Founder - E-cerez.com

Our SEO Toolkit

Our complete SEO toolkit provides a simple yet powerful solution for everyday users who can invest an hour or two per week to keep their website growing. Whether site owners are motivated by page views, lead generation, or revenue growth, our SEO software provides a toolkit that makes customers' lives easier.

This toolset includes Rank Tracking. Paired with Keyword Research and Monthly Reporting, it becomes incredibly easy for non-technical experts to make dramatic improvements to their websites and see the results.

While individual tools can provide some payoff, these tools are best used as part of a comprehensive, strategic SEO process (including SEO Checklist, Ongoing SEO, and Coaching). These subsidiary components create help and accountability.

Are you ready to rise?