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You get custom SEO competitor research platform

With the help of our Webtures App, we will provide you with an inside look into your competitors’ SEO best keywords, search volume, CPC and competition level, taking in account your niche and your region.

You Get PPC Competitor Research Platform

We provide you with an effective PPC Competition analysis and valuable insights such as bidding strategies, ad budgets and texts, which will help you construct and win your Ad campaigns.

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SEO Agency


Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing etc. They are the agencies that serve in this field, working to ensure that the websites are in the top ranks with the optimization studies made in the major search engines. SEO agency carries out search engine-based studies according to the algorithms of search engines. Every search engine has its own ranking factor. SEO agencies follow these ranking factors and perform SEO studies.

Corporate SEO Agency


Most of the current SEO work is done through the Google search engine. The biggest reason for this is the percentage of users Google has in the market. Many corporate SEO agencies also carry out their optimization studies according to the ranking factors based on Google search engine algorithms.

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How It Contributes to Your Company

The aim of SEO agencies is to ensure that the products-services of the websites are at the top of the search results by performing optimization studies specific to the keywords that the websites receive traffic and general site-specific.

A web page that ranks 1st in the search result of a keyword with a monthly organic search (volume value) of 10.000 receives 40%-60% of the traffic alone of 10,000 searches. It is quite natural for companies to grow by 200% to 300% with SEO studies carried out in a short period of 3 months.

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What is SEO Agency?

SEO agencies are agencies that perform optimization studies to ensure that websites rank higher in Google search results.

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

SEO agencies ensure that their websites rank in the first place in search engines such as Google and Yandex, thanks to the optimization SEO studies.

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