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What is UX (User Experience)?

The user experience aims to help the site and the visitors reach their targets as soon as possible by directing all the process of the site's visitors. User experience operations also increase the intra-site sales and conversion rates and increase the profitability of the sites.

How We Do?

User Experience (UX) Goals

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Increasing Conversion Rates

Strategies are created for the conversions we are targeting. In order to increase these rates, regulations are made on the site.

  • Sales Rate
  • Mail Collection Rate
  • Telephone call(s) rate
  • Form-Filling Rate

Reducing tht Output Rates

Pages which were exited from the most on the site are analyzed, the reasons of exits are determined and improvements are made on pages for users.

Increasing the Staying on the page rate

For increasing time spent on page, landing pages and user audience are analyzed.

Increasing the View rate

Site's directions and link are optimized in order to increase page navigation numbers per user.

How do we reach these goals?

1. Getting to know your user mass


Demography Interaction Report

Performance of the devices you receive traffic from is examined through variables such as brand, model, browser.

Time-Performance Report

Days and hours in which your website is used the most are detected; reports are presented to you for timing your social media posts, mail transmissions and advertising campaigns in the most accurate way.

Device Performance Report

Performance of the devices you receive traffic from is examined through variables such as brand, model, browser.

Output Rate Report

Pages with high exit rates on your site are analyzed and problems are identified on these pages; improvements and suggestions are presented for the pages so that you do not lose users.

2. Fixing the errors on the website

Error detection and Repairs

Basket Steps Control

While users are shopping on your e-commerce site regular controls are made for all their steps to proceed in a healthy way and for problems related to purchasing process to be detected.

Form Submission Checks

Optimizing all forms and content, by identifying errors that users come across when filling out forms on your site.

3. By Developing All the Processes in Your Site

In-Site Optimization and Enhancements

Design and Technical Analysis Report

By organizing the image, color and content harmony on your website and providing visual integrity, we increase the visibility and click-through rate by placing the images on your site in the most appropriate places according to their functions. In the processes on the website, we detect the missing parts in the buttons and functions and make the site works smoothly.

User Video Records

Through incleo recordings of the time visrtors spend on your web site, aspects including tracking of cursor movement and all their clicks within the time period they spend on the web site are monitored and interpreted, and the errors users encounter get detected.

User Experience (UX) Analyses

Since UI and UX are related topics, the same tools are often used when analyzing them. This means that the designer is constantly changing and improving his design by designing the UI and using and analyzing the UX analysis tools. And these two issues are always interrelated. In this section, we will introduce you to important UX analysis methods.

Heat Map Analysis

We analyze the most visited, viewed and clicked parts of the visitors on the site. We organize points where they are experiencing problems. We experience the site through the eyes of the visitors. By doing so, we position the conversion buttons, useful links and advertisements on the site at the right place.

Heat Map Analysis

Form Test

Form Test

We minimize the visitors' difficulties when they sign up for new accounts, access their accounts and use the contact forms on the site by observing them with a heat map. By doing this, we are increasing the number of new members and users. We review the click-through rates of each box on the forms and make adjustments in the sections that deter the user.

Scrollmap Analysis

Facts like how far the user scrolls down, which column is more exciting helps us place the site elements in the correct places. Finding and correcting where users are distracted by the heavily-loaded-with-content pages in your site increases the user experience and increases the reading time of the content.

Scrollmap Analysis

User Records Tracking

By recording their navigation on your site, we are able to identify the mouse movements, focuses and missed points, offer user-based individual solutions and optimize the experience of all users.

User Experience Tools

It is necessary to use performance analysis tools to evaluate user experience performance. These analysis tools analyze the behavior of users, score them and make recommendations. We can list the popular and effective user experience tools as follows:

ux Acıbadem

Acıbadem: UX examination and patient registration form conversions increased by 44.7%

At the end of our analysis, we found that 15% of the Acıbadem Landing Page visitors scrolled down to the footer. These changes were performed after noticing the fact that the 15% of the visitors to the site used 85% the test and forms placed at the bottom of the web page.
After testing the positioning in several different stages, a 44.7% increase in patient registration rates was achieved by placing the form in the "above the fold" position.
% 44.7

Frequently Asked Questions About UX

What are the goals of users on the website?

When users visit the website, their queries and purposes can change constantly. While the goals can sometimes be to get information, sometimes it can be a buying action.

Who is the target audience?

Users who can interact with the content of your website (read, register, purchase, etc.) are included in the target audience. However, especially in Ads and social media ads, the persona of the target audience is removed and the user persona with added value in the target audience becomes the most valuable target audience in terms of efficiency of the site.

What tests are used when preparing UX Design?

A/B, scroll map, heat map, confetti map and analytical tests are used at the level where user experiences can be interpreted and action can be taken.

What is User Experience Analysis (UX Analytics)?

It involves the following and reporting of visitors' movement on the web pages, clicks and filled out forms.

What are the commercial and corporate goals / objectives of the website?

Commercial and corporate sites often require users to have the best experience and satisfaction when they visit the site. These requests are very important for the website as it will create a perception that the website is successful and it fulfills the needs of the users.

What is the scope of UX?

The scope of UX includes the criteria that will affect the design such as the opening speed of the site, messages / notifications to the user, basket steps in purchases, the usefulness of the site, users' color and usage habits, product descriptions, product images, product reviews etc.

How to give brief to UX agency?

The aim of the project is to share information on the expectations of the brand, the target audience and other technical details, and the agency is aimed to be informed in general terms, and all the fiction to be made is planned in accordance with this information.

Can anyone make User Experience Design (UXD)?

The task of a UXD is to make the creative areas of the application or website attractive and available to users. Sometimes aesthetic items may not be attractive in terms of navigation. For this reason, people/agencies follow the current technology and user expectations and who can take action by interpreting the tool data should be preferred.

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