101% Increase in Organic Traffic in 1 Year

Customer: Kiğılı

Sector: Industry

Service: SEO

Kiğılı SEO Process


On the First Page in the Word


Organic Traffic Increase


At the beginning of the project, there were 2 different sites under the roof of Kiğılı, and The main KPIs we have determined in order not to divide the existing traffic and to increase the traffic of are ;

  • To move under with minimum traffic loss.
  • To ensure that the e-commerce site can sell at the level of a physical store.
  • Reaching the first rank in generic words such as suit, suit, tuxedo.


In order for the design, software and domain changes to be made on the site not to cause permanent ranking losses, the work had to be carried out meticulously.

  • moved to without traffic loss.
  • In-site SEO competence has been improved.
  • With competitor analyses, content strategies of competitors were determined.


Considering the competition of the sector, we have implemented a work planning for this purpose by constantly following the innovations in both competitors and search engines in order to remain a leader in this race, where competitors are working aggressively, keywords are highly competitive and to remain a leader in this race.

  • In the first 3 months, the first page was reached in all of the targeted words.
  • At the end of the 3rd month, the turnover of the physical store with the highest sales was exceeded by the e-commerce site.
  • 101% increase in organic traffic in 1 year

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