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Küçükdeveci İnşaat Website

Küçükdeveci has achieved a total organic traffic increase of 715% in the last 1 year as a result of the SEO work it has carried out with Webtures.

Küçükdeveci İnşaat Website
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Küçükdeveci İnşaat Website SEO Step


While Küçükdeveci's brand recognition, SEO visibility, and organic traffic are almost non-existent, a smooth transition from the existing structure to an SEO-compatible one that can respond to the target audience was necessary.


  • A list of keywords (long tail) to increase SEO visibility and organic traffic had to be determined immediately.
  • Personas were created.
  • Recently indexed pages were detected.


Competitors were analyzed primarily for SEO visibility and brand recognition. The pages created with new infrastructure had to be set taking into consideration the words that the competitors are working on, the SERP results of the keywords prepared in line with Küçükdeveci's product groups, and the Users Search Intent results.


  • We managed to switch from the old to the e-commerce structure without any loss.
  • Schema & Markup (Product + FAQPage) technologies were used in the new infrastructure.
  • Overall SEO health has been improved on a regular basis.
  • For pages that don't rank first in the search results, revisions were made to increase clickability in SERP.
  • The product pages were examined in UX focus and optimized with A/B tests.


  • Organic traffic increased by 715%.

    Küçükdeveci 1
  • Organic word visibility rose from the 1700s to 7500s.

    Küçükdeveci 3

    Küçükdeveci 4


Organic Traffic Increase
Organic Word Visibility

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