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T-HOS Law Automation System

With T-HOS, we have managed to increase organic traffic by 572% in the last 6 months.

T-HOS Law Automation System
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T-HOS Law Automation System SEO Step


By participating in the T-HOS works during the site design process, we prepared a roadmap for a strong infrastructure as much as possible in accordance with the current algorithm structures and started to implement it in coordination with the software team before the site went live. Our goals in this process are as follows,

  • To introduce our services more clearly,
  • Creating content to better explain and contribute to our services,
  • To produce content aimed at the target audience,
  • To have vast information on the site at a level to be one of the authoritative sites in the sector.


Once the site was published, it was necessary to organically accelerate the slow progress of traffic. That's why we decided to focus on content. While focusing on the content, we have expanded our target audience by creating informative, guide-like content and by including frequently asked information in the field of law. Within this scope,

  • We have identified our needs and shortcomings by conducting site and sector reviews, especially from the perspective of EAT since there will be content on our site related to our services.
  • In general, we planned and implemented technical SEOimprovements and developments required by current algorithms.
  • We have developed both linear and cross-site custom linkingstrategies between services and content.
  • With some on-site UX improvements, we made it easier and moreuseful for the user experience.


Focusing on evergreen content that can get traffic at any time of the year, we achieved very successful results in sectoral searches of our entire target audience.

  • While it appeared with 38 words in all search results when we started working, this number increased to over 7500.
  • Our organic traffic has increased by 572% in the last 6 months.
  • Our content was featured in the SERP by making special studies to ensure that the content we produce appears in the featured snippets area.


Percentage of Organic Traffic Increase in the Last 6 Months
1 Year Organic Traffic Increase
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