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How did Uyumsoft achieve 163% organic traffic increase and 819% SEO visibility growth in the first year?

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Uyumsoft's flagship was ERP, CRM and e-transformation applications. In the vast majority of these words, the company fell behind its competitors, they didn't even rank in the top 100 search results.

  • Our primary goal was to produce content related to sectoral words and to create the necessary in-site and off-site link setup and take part in the rankings.
  • Afterwards, by following the sectoral search trends, the goal was to create an advantages in this field when compared to competitors, to gain a permanent place in this constantly growing sector.
  • Reaching the first page in flagship keywords such as ERP and CRM


When we started working with Uyumsoft, their SEO visibility was generally lower than competitors. To compete with the competitors in the industry on the organic side, it was necessary to reach their competitors' level.

In this regard, we focused on the search trends in this sector, where the competitors attracted traffic and the ever-growing ERP and e-transformation applications, and the detection of words with a high search volume.

  • We monitored the acceleration of the newly formed words in search volume and planned to produce content much faster than the competitors.
  • We started to respond users with the correct answers to the question patterns they use in their searches in the industry.
  • In 2015, the average monthly search volume of the word ERP was around 20,000. We achieved the level of competition in the sector by reaching 60,000 levels and then 90,000 levels within a year.
  • While the company wasn't even included in the ranking in ERP and e-transformation applications, we succeeded to get to the top with the in-site and off-site link construction, competitive word content, user experience improvements.
  • We have gained a much faster momentum after every algorithm update in the process and this encouraged us about the strategies we follow.


  • Carrying out studies in line with sector dynamics with one of the Türkiye best ERP, CRM and e-transformation (e-billing, e-books, e-library) application companies, we realized an increase in organic by 163%.
  • As to SEO visibility, we achieved an acceleration of 819%.
  • In addition to organic studies, we were able to make a name for the company in the sector and provide confidence with various advertisement works planned by Uygsoft.


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